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Industrial Heritage - Saturday 29th January

151 months ago
Derby Industrial Museum - grasshopper beam engine
Derby Industrial Museum is to close for an unspecified period at the end of March 2011 and this date was quite possibly the penultimate chance to see the grasshopper beam engine in motion. I went with a friend who has been doing this for much longer than me and who is much better at interacting with the various people we meet out and about. After wrestling with Derby's roads we eventually got a parking space nearby and put the maximum two hours on the pay and display. The buildings and...
geographing trip report industrial archaeology steam

Oh no another mill.....

151 months ago
Garboldisham Post Mill - External View
I'm afraid so, after two weeks of exams consisting of practically my whole two year A level squeezed into 10 weeks I was mentally exhausted. Mum asked me to come home for 6 days before the new term starts. So I booked tickets back home to Norwich. At Peterborough my train was delayed by 20 minutes so I took out my camera and photographed a few freights. Even a class 37 diesel on a special move to Norwich. PhotoPhotoPhoto Thursday was spent resting and watching TV...
mill suffolk post

The office boy blogs

151 months ago
South side of Triton Square, evening
Well, Company News has hit the streets, I've slipped HMRC a fiver, so I can put my feet up for a bit. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic since a group of us answered Barry's call for help. E-mail traffic quadrupled overnight. We've thoroughly discussed the most pressing issues for Geograph, leading to the formation of Geograph Project Ltd and Barry's recent announcement. There's still much to do, things to consult on, and the future to consider. The main thing is to spread the...

Last trek of the year

151 months ago
Boat through the bridge
Like most of you at Christmas it is a time to spend eating (note no drinking) and spending time with your family of loved ones so by the time Monday after came round I was crawling the walls to get out. My wife must have sensed I was planning something as I had been looking at some maps trying to decide where to go. A further walk down the Kennet and the Blue Line or go back to the upper Thames and collect more of the Red Line. The lines Iím referring to are the old WW2 stoplines which were...
pillbox thames path bridge oxfordshire river thames chimney

A Bridge Too Far

151 months ago
A final look
Seems over the Christmas holidays I find a bridge that is going to be demolished. Last year Network rail demolished two bridges at South Morton Photo with the intention of fitting two bridge decks as it was they underestimated the deck weight and the fitting of the deck had to be postponed for a week while they changed the crane. It was fitted the following weekend at 2 in the morning. This year while on a trip to Reading on the train I noticed they were doing some work on a bridge...
bridge demolition raillway

Two Mills and Local Churches

152 months ago
The last few days have been quite busy, I was planning to go to Denver windmill as it was closer than Lode watermill. However I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and try and look around Pakenham windmill (on the way to LWM). I had seen four old pictures of the internals on flickr of PWM but other than that there was nothing on the internet. Externally there are many on geograph (including mine from the summer) and around the web. I called the owner and arranged a visit, I was...
undefined mill water norman church east anglia

Cambridge and First Time Volunteering

152 months ago
Cambridge Gas Engines
Visited the Cambridge museum of technology on Saturday after a recommendation. PhotoPhotoPhoto The museum is housed in a former sewage pumping station, it shows evolution from steam (1894) to Gas (1909) and electric motor (1937). The pumps are joined by a printing museum, ash railway and many local engines ranging from winches to pumps, enclosed to gas. Unfortunately the gas engines were not started and the Davey steam pumps didn't start until 2pm so I missed out on...
railway steam pump museum volunteer norfolk cambridge track

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