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Industrial Day

150 months ago
Pleasley Colliery Buildings
Due to the good forecast I booked tickets to Manfield Woodhouse at around midnight last night/this morning. What I had planned was quite a task but if it succeeded then the rewards would be great. In the end I managed to geograph something to satisfy most of my interests; geology, industrial history, railways, archaeology and mills. It was an early start, 6:15am but after a cup of tea I packed up and cycled the 2 miles to Leicester station ready for the 7.25am to Nottingham. Thankfully...
coal limestone mill colliery derbyshire

The Taking of Knock Moss 1 to 8

150 months ago
Knock Moss
This picture of Knock Moss Photo was taken in the last grid square at the end of a 7 hour walk to bag a total of 8 grid squares around Knock Moss and bash the NX25 hectad. A plan (kept secret of course from fellow bashers) to capture NX25 Link started in September 2010 with the bagging of: Black Cairn Photo in NX4252 Link - A 2km MTB ride and walk uphill from the A747 on the coast at Auchenmalg past...
completing a hectad

Big game of the steam variety in Greater Manchester

150 months ago
Ena Mill, Atherton
On Sunday 23 January 2011 I went with a couple of friends to take some photographs and see some decent stationary steam engines in the Greater Manchester area. We had a quick journey from the West Midlands via the M6 and were soon in Wigan where we parked up near the Pier area Photo. The former heritage centre is now closed and the signage is faded. We were to start at Trencherfield Mill but as we were early we concentrated on a few photographs of items in the vicinity -...
trip report steam engines mill colliery industrial archaeology

A Worcester Walk

150 months ago
Worcester Cathedral
Well this little walk took place around a month ago and it has taken me that long to post the photos. I'd gone down there to get the van serviced so while it was being done I went for a little walk round Worcester. To get to the centre meant going down the old A44 Bromyard road where I wanted to visit a church I had seen. While on the walk I kept an eye out for benchmarks and was rewarded by finding one on the Garabaldi public house. Next stop was the church which is called St John in...
worcester churches river severn

Epic Fail

150 months ago
Today was supposed to have been a day of good results, a cycle ride up the Grand Union canal out of Leicester before seeing GWR Rood Ashton Hall on a charter train. It started off well, the canal part was perfect, sun and a nice photographic subject. I turned off the canal heading for a bridge north of Syston. Without realising I took a wrong turn and headed in the wrong direction. Then, wobble wobble wobble. I had a flat (later two!) with no pump or repair kit. I decided it wasn't far to...

Benchmarks, canals and pillboxes

151 months ago
Lest we Forget
Brookwood, a place I have been to many times with my wife in the past when she went dog training at the village hall. Other times I would have stayed but that was before I came across Geograph. A look at my maps showed a canal near the hall, a railway station down the road and a cemetery on the other side of the railway. Not only that Pirbright camp was nearby though I did not intend to take photo's of the camp I remembered there was a military cemetery worth visiting. Photo the...
brookwood benchmarks pillbox canal railway station military cemetery

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