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Debdale Park to Fairfield Station

149 months ago
Gorton Upper Reservoir
A walk from Debdale Lane up Kings Road and by way of Fairfield golf course to Fairfield Station with views of Gorton Upper Reservoir. You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page LinkExternal link . More information about Kings Road, Audenshaw can be found at LinkExternal link
geo-trip walk

Wren's Nest And the Geo Meet

149 months ago
Geograph-ers meet at Matlock Bath
Dudley had been calling for a while, the mix of geology and industrial sites act as a major magnet. So again I ventured out in the Birmingham direction, changing at new street station for a train to Tipton. After a short walk Wren's next was reached, this was the countries first geological NNR. The Wenlock limestone has been thrust up into an anticline (fold) before being heavily quarried in the mid 19th C. Some climbing found me a fossilised sea floor from the Silurian period. Lots of...
mill arkwright geomeet

Chesterfield Area

149 months ago
Hollingwood - The Clock Tower Business Centre
Due to a good forecast in the Chesterfield area I took the train to Chesterfield on the Saturday. It had been a while since a previous visit. Exiting the station I found the old Chesterfield canal, taking the route up to near Staveley. This section is isolated due to Norwood tunnel that has collapsed. Well used by the locals for leisure, it is open to cyclists as a fast route into Chesterfield. There was a diversion near the end due to works at Hollingwood lock....
geology steam railway

Three Day Industrial Geographing

150 months ago
Goodluck Mine - Adit
The weather was good and I had a few days off so a few targets were investigated. The first was a new one on the to do list, the Goodluck Mine in Derbyshire. Not very well known but after an email or two I arranged for me and a fellow geology student to visit on the Sunday. As it was a Sunday the trains didn't run until the afternoon so we caught the 24/7 skylink bus early in the morning. This runs from Leicester to Derby via East Midlands airport. What is a 22 minute run on the train took...
colliery coal canal mine lead industrial

Now we are six - the Stratford meet

150 months ago
The Golden Bee, Sheep Street
Sunday 6th March, Geograph's sixth birthday, started grey and raw here in mid-Warwickshire. I folded up the bike, stuck it in the back of the car, and drove over to Stratford-upon-Avon. I was early enough to get a space in the small Marina car park only 4 for the day with some photo opportunities thrown in. On the bike (Stratford is even less bike-friendly than Warwick) and I was in the Golden Bee on the dot of 11. Coffee! The pub was already moderately full with late breakfasters and...

A Pillbox walk to Radcot Bridge

150 months ago
Radcot bridge
This was the first proper trip I have managed this year. It has been a few weeks in organising due to I needed to get a friend to come along with me so we could leave a car at either end, it was about 6 miles and I did not want to walk there and back. I enlisted the help of Tony who knows a thing or two about the stoplines which were built during the war. We met up at Radcot Bridge and parked up in the hotel car park after asking if it was ok to leave a car there. The trip to Tadpole...
thames path river thames isis pillbox

Chris and Ashley's Brum Bash

150 months ago
City of Birmingham
On Saturday 19 February I met up With Ashley Dace Link to explore some of the industrial history and steam engines of Birmingham. As I have been visiting, studying in or working in Birmingham variously since 1977, it seemed reasonable that I act as local tour guide and interpreter of technology. The weather was dreadful but forecast to improve in the afternoon, so we started indoors at the Thinktank museum at Millennium Point Photo that replaced...
geographing trip report industrial archaeology steam engines canals

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