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Plan ahea

148 months ago
Barn on Codmore Wood Road
I'd been planning to start the blog but normally too tied up after a trip entering exact locations which normally continues until bedtime. But after working my way round likely trips I hadn't covered since going digital (my film collection was very selective so tended to be exclusive based on a few favourite topics rather than everything I could see, except for a few day trips to the continent which can't of course go in here) it was time to finally go the 20 miles or so to get my 4th myriad,...
myriad buckinghamshire latimer ley hill

Kintour to Kynagarry, Islay, April 2011

148 months ago
Central Lochan
Islay is heaving around the second week of April every year with enthusiastic walkers who meet for the annual Walk Islay week. Admittedly these are not ardent geographers, but what a great opportunity to grab a few 'green' squares on a walk I would not otherwise be able to do because it requires two cars, one at the start and one at the finish. The walk in question started at Kintour on the east coast of Islay (NR 45 51) and finished at Kynagarry (NR 37 58), inland and to the north-west, a...
kynagarry walk islay kintour

Isle of Arran

148 months ago
Sannox Bay
As part of my degree course I had an introductory mapping field course on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. This is to prepare for a mapping project in June this year, I'm planning for 2 weeks on Rum to map the layered intrusion. This was my third visit to Arran, the first being in 2003 and second in 2009. I had to make my own way there, so like before went via the East Coast mainline. An early train from Leicester took me to Peterborough so I could catch the 7.51am Kings Cross to Glasgow. A...
geology industrial

To, along and from the Peak Forest Canal, Hyde.

148 months ago
Captain Clarke's Bridge
Sunday the 10th April 2011 was when the sun came out strongly enough to enable one to shed winter coats and so I took an afternoon walk along the Peak Forest Canal. You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page LinkExternal link .
geo-trip walk canal heron canada geese roving bridge allotments

The Taking of Rig of Barnharrow 1 to 6

148 months ago
Rig of Barnharrow
This picture taken at the Rig of Barnharrow was the last shot in a series of six different grid squares to bash the hectad NX36 on the 7th April 2011 As hectad bashing goes NX36 Link wasn't too arduous to complete, six remaining grids in the hectad started with the bagging of: East Culvennan Photo in NX3065 Link - I had quite a few miles and grids to cover on this road trip so drove down to this one which is...
completing a hectad

A Walk along the Kennet

149 months ago
Tree in front
Time I think for another blog entry and as usual a few weeks after I did the walk. My quest to find more pillboxes to go in my log took me back to the River Kennet which is more of a canal that river. So far I had managed to collect photos and or visit pillboxes from Burghfield Mill down to Sulhamsted lock. This time I started from Tyle Mill as there was a carpark nearby but I was rather shocked to find it was quite full at the time of morning I arrived though I did manage to squeeze in...
river kennet canals locks swing bridges pillboxes towpaths.

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