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On the 206 bus from Gee Cross to Manchester Piccadilly

146 months ago
The #206 route from Gee Cross to Manchester takes a curious route, starting with a circular tour of Gee Cross, bypassing Hyde bus station then touring Haughton Green. It avoids Crown Point in Denton by serving Town Lane and Ruby Street. At Gorton it diverts around Gorton Lane, Wenlock Avenue and Bennett Street before finally terminating at Piccadilly Gardens. All these photographs were taken from the front of the top deck giving a good view of the journey. You can see this trip plotted...
geo-trip journey by scheduled public transport

Photos for HER

146 months ago
Brass plate, Smith Street
Heritage professionals in Warwickshire County Council maintain the Historic Environment Record: a unified database of listed buildings, registered gardens and landscapes, scheduled ancient monuments ó anything with statutory protection. They are running a national pilot of an English Heritage project called 'Imaging our past and our present' (contact and see the Announcements forum). The idea is to invite the public to submit photos of the buildings and...
photography heritage flickr warwickshire

Newbury Park Way Development

146 months ago
Gate three
Itís a while since I wrote a blog entry and I feel quite embarrassed about this but I have not had anything to write about. My pillbox treks have been curtailed due to the spring and summer growth of weeds and foliage but I do have a couple of other little projects that have kept me occupied. The first is Fairmile Hospital near where I live where I have been allowed access to follow the development both inside the old building and outside, this at the moment is work in progress and a great...
newbury construction towns

Danbury Ridge Nature Trail

146 months ago
Nature Trail Map
I had visited the Danbury Ridge Nature Reserves on a few occasions, and attempted to follow the Nature Trail. I quite enjoyed loosing the trail and getting lost, but thought it might be an interesting project to try and complete the trail in sequence and record it in geographs so that anyone visiting for the first time could find their way round. Getting to the start It might be helpful to print out a map of the walkPhoto. The entrance is off Runsell Lane, Danbury, just opposite...
geographing trip report nature reserve essex

Another salutary tale

146 months ago
Made-up ground north of Newport Pagnell Road
I was working my way along a lane, an urban fringe rat run to the south of Northampton, when I spotted this unmistakeable heap. To get a better view I stepped up on to a roadside bank. Click. In stepping off the bank, which was steeper than I thought, I lost my footing. Gravity and momentum did the rest and I hit the road. Literally. With the heel of my left hand and my left knee, taking the skin off both. Ow! Looking on the bright side, I didn't smash the camera, I didn't smash my watch or...
pain stupidity trip report hitting the road

Exploring Antony Passage and the Lynher riverside footpath

146 months ago
Antony Passage
Take a walk down to Antony Passage, a quiet Cornish village just to the south of Saltash, with its historic tidal mill pond, old mill and tiny harbour, and contrasting views open up: the imposing railway viaduct crossing the mouth of Forder Lake, the expanse of mud flats at low tide and the narrow street down to the harbour-side cottages. Follow the public footpath through the dense and varied woodland along the River Lynher and explore the tidal shore line; discover the old railway...
geo-trip walk tidal river cornish village

A salutary tale

146 months ago
Cribach Bay from the SE
Briefly, the tale behind the taking of this picture near Aberporth. It was, as you can see, a lovely, sunny day, and after an hour or so, I'd had enough of sitting on the beach (a common enough affliction amongst Geographers, I'd wager.) So I thought I'd 'just have a look around the corner, over there, dear' and see where that took me. Well, after 20 minutes scrambling along the rocks at low tide, I'd rounded the corner into SN2552, as the Research Establishment boundary fence doesn't come...
geographing trip report

The Taking of Ballantrae Bay

147 months ago
Ballantrae Bay
NX08 has 19 grid squares which are on the west coast of Scotland between Sawny Beanís Cave in the north to Downan Point in the south. Most of the grids on the coast have a good show of land with the exception of NX0782 which has a small outcrop of tidal rocks outside Ballantrae Harbour and a bit of a shingle beach further south according to fellow Geographer Oliver Dixon. Offshore rocks at Ballantrae Photo in NX0782 ... and NX0885 which has a sliver of shingle...
bay ballantrae hectad bashed completing a hectad

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