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Another Day in London - Docklands Explorer

144 months ago
Royal Victoria Dock
Following on from a very successful trip in July, our gang of four asked Richard Albanese Photo if he could arrange a trip to Docklands to see what little was left that might interest keen industrial archaeologists. Richard planned it all in about three days flat and we met up just after 10:15 0n 28-8-11 at the former London Hydraulic Power Station at Wapping, now a pleasant cafe with machinery among the tables Photo Photo Photo. After a coffee we had a...
industrial archaeology london docklands hydraulic power geographing trip report

Borderline cases 2

144 months ago
Entrance to Home Farm, Clophill
If the weather's bad I won't take photos unless I happen to be somewhere already and have the camera with me, but of course the weather changes, so as soon as I'd been out a short time yesterday it started drizzling, and continued to the rest of the day. I wasn't turning back as I was out and it wasn't too bad but knew the photos were going to suffer if it carried on, as it did. I carried on regardless and you can't see the damage till you get home and look at them all on the computer, and...
rain weather driving

A few more bits

144 months ago
30777 Sir Lamiel at Redmire
My last blog finished around early July so this is roughly a month’s guide to what I have been up to. The first week or two was spent training for my summer job in Southwold, the local ‘Latitude’ festival was adding to demand and hence my hours. Thankfully the management had agreed to me taking a week off even though I had just started and I was allowed to proceed with my planned holiday up North. It was just me and dad for this one camping about on this relaxed venture. First day was spent...

The Taking of Coast to Coast

144 months ago
North Keys Hole
At the beginning of 2011 I set myself the task of bagging one new hectad every month however after a few weeks break I had to play a bit of a catch up and went for two in one day on the opposite coasts of The Rhins of Galloway. After giving up on waiting for the weather to improve I headed off on the 11th August 2011 to tackle NX05 and NX14 NX05 by my count had 4 green ’uns left to bag to finish the hectad so I drove over to the Rhins parked up and hopped on the mountain...
completing a hectad

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