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Patience after Sebald - Film on walks in Suffolk

139 months ago
Once many trees lived here
Currently under doctor's orders to rest a damaged ankle I have been unable to spend my time walking and photographing in East Anglia, however I had a chance at the weekend to explore the Suffolk Coast of my childhood vicariously via the medium of film, seen at the ICA in London. The film is "Patience (After Sebald)" LinkExternal link by Grant Gee based on the book "The Rings of Saturn" by the late Norwich based German writer...
film review suffolk

Garmin Road test

139 months ago
St John the Baptist's Church
First time out with my New Garmin Oregon 450 with UK Mapping, bit of a far cry from the old Etrex H I had been using I must admit. I had gone to Hackelton with my wife as she was on a dog training day so I took the opportunity to go out and road test my new toy. The start point was Hackleton Village Hall Photo and my intention was to go to Piddington then work down to a disused railway follow it till the road and back to Hackleton via Horton which would take in four squares on the OS...
hackleton pittington horton gps garmin benchmark bridges disused railways

December at Leicester

140 months ago
Ellough Church at Night
* The first half of the blog was written on the train on the 19th December Well its mid-December and all I’ve seen of the snow is a light sprinkle one Sunday morning. To some this is a disappointment but to me it offers the opportunity to geograph in safety! My last blog left off at Snibston, I said that I wouldn’t be able to do much outside of Leicester. Thankfully that was wrong, I have been all over the place recently. The last Sunday in November saw me venturing to Barnsley to...

2011 - The Final Two Months

140 months ago
The Engineerium - French engine
My last entry concluded October with a Sunday trip to Derbyshire but I have kept up the pace and feel it is time to close out the old year with a blog. November started with a Saturday afternoon visit to the Forge Mill needle museum in Redditch - a site visited only once before and never photographed. This was adequately addressed - Photo Photo Photo Photo. The following day was a trip to Derbyshire with my sister and was pretty but largely non-industrial -...
industrial archaeology steam engines mills

Three Bridges

140 months ago
Just a pile of rubble
You could probably call four bridges but one of them had been demolished. I had been meaning to get out and update my photos on the progress of the Spring farm bridge near Goring but due to other commitments I have not been out till today. Spring Farm Bridge was due to be demolished a year ago but due to time constraints it was put off and over Christmas demolished with along as I found out the one at Purley near Reading. This came as a shock because I thought the local residents had...
railway's bridges demolition.

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