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Ballimartin to Airigh Mairi Thormaid, Islay

137 months ago
I think it was on the walk before I discovered Geograph that I first saw Màiri Thormaid's shieling. I was more interested at that time in getting to the top of Beinn Bhreac to acquire another Islay trigpoint than I was in remote Islay ruins. Then I discovered Geograph and began to be interested in these old, remote ruins. They are so evocative of a time gone by, of a different way of life and of previous inhabitants of this beautiful island. So I set off on a glorious, almost cloud-free...
ballimartin airigh màiri thormaid islay circular walk

A walk round Kings Somborne.

137 months ago
King's Somborne
Has the sound of a rural community about it and was a place I had heard about for a while as my wife had been there dog training, so when she said she was off there again one Saturday I said I would come along. I looked on my OS maps for the place to see what was worth visiting and to plan a route to take. We got to the village hall Photo around 9 and by 9:15 I was checking my map for which way to go and setting the GPS, the offer of going off road in a 4X4 though tempting did not...
king's sombourn village sir thomas sopwith

Travelling along the Didcot to Newbury Line

138 months ago
Wheel by the tree
This is a project I have had going for a while and am in the process of writing an article for I had been meaning to get round to catching up with more photos for a while and today seemed like the time to do this. The area to cover went from Hermitage to Thatcham and to my shame had to be covered by driving from place to place; even this took around two hours. The first place to stop was just outside Hermitage by the M4 embankment this is where the Didcot to Newbury railway was cut in two...
didcot newbury&southampton line disued railways historic.

2012 - A Good Start

138 months ago
Steamy Loughborough Station
The first two months of 2012 have slipped by and I've done very little of my beloved stationary steam but have managed to keep busy and when I get round to March I have some good stuff to share. The year started in Devon with friends visiting my sister's holiday home. first up was Sidmouth on a miserable New Year's day Photo. The following day we had lunch in Lympstone Photo before returning home to resume the day job on the Tuesday. Casting about for a new experience, I...

Bolsa via Bunnahabhain and Beinn Thrasda, Islay

138 months ago
Towards Sgarbh Breac from summit of Beinn Thrasda, Islay
This was another of the many walks I've walked through on the map many times, and which I've done parts of several times. I'd been checking the forecast all week and the day I chose to do it in reality dawned bright with cumulus clouds dotted promisingly across the sky. I started from Bunnahbhain, walking down to the deer gate Photo and then to the Margadale River, which is one of my favourite views on Islay. Photo The walk up to Rubh' a' Mhail lighthouse is one I have done...
bolsa circular walk beinn thrasda bunnahabhain

Little Quest

138 months ago
Stock Beck
So I've had what I think is a wonderfully eccentric idea..... Over the next few years I'll endeavour to visit and geograph one square for each of the 45 or so myriads on the UK mainland. The twist is that the particular grid square for each myriad will be selected completely randomly using a web-based random number generator to select a number between 0 and 9999 which will be added to the myriad prefix to decide the square I have to visit. A different random number to be generated for each...
little quest

Geograph blocks pinning

138 months ago
============================ Update, Sept 2012: We have since removed the block. As Pinterest now credits geograph images properly. A link to the photo page, and the contributors name and profile appear on the "Pin" page. ============================ Geograph have just instigated a policy of blocking pinning on LinkExternal link This means users of the service will not be able to directly pin images from the Geograph websites. This is motivated by the fact that the...

Tick tick tick

138 months ago
Teacup ride by Sheffield Town Hall
Photo Juggling times, places and people — sorting the conference has to be a bit like running a railway station. All the good people planning to attend, most of the presenters, the helpers and the laid-back folk at the Circle Photo will have been relieved not to have had an email from me today. We have the date, we have the venue, we have 95% of the programme. I still have to order some biscuits Photo but otherwise it's almost put to bed. I can think about more important...

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