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Five Months Late

136 months ago
Cheddleton Flint Mill
Wow, didn't meant to slip this late. My usual is one blog a month or so. Things have been a little slow recently but now I'm just about caught up, a few more to upload but I'll get on with those later. So my last blog left off in December, I was writing about my plans to visit the Great Central Railway gala. I spent two days up on the line, the first was a Friday and two wheels was the mode of transport. The plan was to treat it as a geographing trip so I got in a few extra sites like the...

Geologising on the Isle of Rum

136 months ago
Undaunted by the experience of the rain the same weekend five years ago, I signed up for a weekend field trip with the Highland Geological Society to see something of the famous geology of the Isle of Rm. Most of the group were to arrive on the ferry leaving Mallaig at 7.30 on the Saturday morning, but I reckoned that would mean getting up far too early, and I thought I'd go over on the Thursday and, weather permitting, walk to Harris and back on Friday. But the best laid plans .... I...
rm geology small isles kinloch castle

Another bit of the Jigsaw

136 months ago
Open at Last
Sunday the 22nd saw me go back to Newbury to find the final bit of the jigsaw that is the Didcot, Newbury and Southampton railway. My wife came along with our young dog to give him some time out to get used to a different place and water. We parked at Newbury Parkway shopping centre which gave me a chance to update some photos of the new John Lewis store Photo before setting off along the Kennet Photo. As I had not been along this section it was all new to me and seeing all...
didcot newbury&southampton line newbury parkway newbury river kennet narrowboats.

Barradale Circular, Islay

136 months ago
I was excited as I set off on the day's plan C. Plan A had been abandoned as it was just too photogenic a day to go to a certain village on Islay which I won't mention for fear of insulting the hundreds of folks (!) who read these blogs! Plan B had been abandoned after driving 15 miles to Ardbeg in the thickening cloud which turned into heavy rain and which was no doubt a retribution for rejecting Plan A. So Plan C had to be put into operation. But first to devise Plan C as it wasn't in...
barradale circular islay geographing trip report

Giur-bheinn Circular, Islay

136 months ago
As always, I had scrutinised the weather forecast for days before deciding to head up Gir-bheinn on Wednesday, 18th April 2012. As always, the forecast was not quite accurate, but at least I didn't end up getting drenched as our church party did on their walk on the same day on the Rhinns (my symapthies to them of course!) Gir-bheinn is a fascinating, if diminutive, mountain. Viewed from the east, as it generally is, it appears as a gentle mound, hardly noticeable in mountain terms. From...
gir-bheinn geographing trip report islay

One of those fill In Days

136 months ago
Ramp to the bridge
Sunday the 8th was one of those fill in days for me. I never had any plans to go anywhere so thought Id fill in a few of the places on my Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway map. I had go as far as Shaw near Newbury and now needed to trace the route over the two water courses and onto the main railway. Stopping off at Shaw I parked up near the River Lambourn and walked along the path to see if any of the bridge remained. On getting near I noticed a footbridge had been built near where...
didcot newbury & southampton railway newbury

Storakaig to the Sound of Islay

137 months ago
It wasn't the first time it had happened. XC Weather had got it wrong before. 8% cloud at 10 am had really meant 80% on at least one other occasion. Feeling slightly hard done to, and exchanging my favoured polariser filter for a regular skylight filter, I decided to go for it anyway. Those squares on the east coast of Islay had been waiting long enough! The poor lighting meant at least I got further quicker, stopping only to take the requisite photos, and rarely for any additional 'bonus'...
storakaig sound of islay geographing trip report

When cameras behave badly

137 months ago
The B2027, Chiddingstone Causeway
My 6 year old Olympus compact digital has known limits, and if I keep within them (shots at night, moving objects etc) I get perfectly good results. But about two years ago it (OK, I had dropped it a while before) it froze during a little film I was making and had to format the card. Ever since it's done the same about twice a year, but each fault was different, and my father offered the obvious solution to carry a spare card which I now do. It's previously lost (initially) all my takings...
cameras faults recovery programs

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