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Looking for the Gunpowder mills

135 months ago
Gatehouse by the gate
Saturday 12th May was another of those days my wife went off to a dog fun day. I came along to keep her company as it was somewhere different. I had checked out the map of the area and it looked quite fruitful in the number of pillboxes there could be. So after getting to our destination of Chilworth I thought it was time for a walk round on my own, while my wife and dog enjoyed their day. First problem I encountered was I had left my map behind, had the GPS but no map of the places I wanted...
walk chilworth historic gunpowder mills geographing trip report

Doing your best

135 months ago
Gridlock on the A12, Mountnessing
Alternatively titled when life gives lemons make lemonade. The fun of the planning and chase, as well as the map entering to me is as much fun as taking the photos themselves. It is a circular process until maybe me or my car (or anyone else's) run out of steam and go back to seeing how many different views I can preserve of Golders Green. When reading the map for the spring when the days were long enough to allow a free run I made a list of map directions unvisited within reason, and by May...
essex braintree chelmsford

The Taking of Dulslouch and Laight Moor

135 months ago
Laight Moor
The last two green squares in NX07 were either side of Loch Ryan so a planned assault started with the capture of NX0073 on the North Rhins Coast. The journey to bag this square began as part of a longer walk during the Newton Stewart Walking Festival between Cairnside and Kirkcolm Link and ended at Dulslouch with a shot of the North Rhins Coastline to Corsewall Point. Photo in NX0073 The last green square in NX07 was on the...
completing a hectad

The Re-Taking of NX34 with the Old Place of Monreith

136 months ago
Footpath to the Old Place of Monreith
NX34 Link was initially completed on the 5th July 2010 by RH Dengate Link with a picture taken of The Farm lane south of Barwinnock Photo My planned journey on the 23rd April 2012 to the area therefore, was to complete another personal square in the Machars and bag the inevitable 2nd Geograph. Getting back home and checking my pictures and GPS it became clear that the first awarded to complete the hectad was...
completing a hectad

Back to the Thames

136 months ago
St George's Church Kelmscott
Kelmscott is a place I had seen on the map and heard about from a friend and also in the middle of a walk I needed to do to log the remaining pillboxes along the Thames so after finally working out how to visit them I set out. The plan was to do my last section in two halves due to not having a partner to help out in the logistics (ie car both ends), it turned out to be the right way. The first part was to walk towards Radcot, then in a couple of weeks go towards Lechlade. Kelmscott is a...
kelmscott grafton lock pillboxes river thames

Time marches and Aprils on

136 months ago
Southampton - Captain E J Smith of the Titanic
January and February were relatively devoid of my favourite type of steamy industrial archaeology but the last two months have seen a worthy improvement. March started with an evening visit to Worcester University to see parts of the old infirmary and then to partake of a black tie dinner in Worcester Guildhall Photo Photo. The first weekend saw me arranging a complex two day visit with Ashley Dace in order to get him to some marvellous sites in Greater Manchester. We...

The spring is here

136 months ago
Idsworth Down
Now the figures are in I see people do actually read my blogs here, so will keep going. The clocks going forward have now given me back my freedom, the dark months saw me consolidate areas with green patches, and am now about 10 short of my first full hectad when I get round to doing the rest of it. Having spent a year previously on Geograph-specific trips am now running out of many under 50 miles, so the stakes are rising as each new target is further away than the previous one. But I have...
hampshire petersfield pre-worboys sign harlow essex

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