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Been there, done that

134 months ago
Bridgewick Rd, Dengie
My Geograph career has gone from locating and adding five year's worth of archives to myriad and distance collections. Last year was myriads 4-6, quite enough for one summer (you can't get to many with the clocks back), and hadn't decided exactly what map locations I was after this year besides compass points. That involved getting as far as possible on each main compass point, and as NE crossed into the 7th TM myriad decided to cover both and go up the A12 to Colchester (Hythe actually) on...
dengie essex myriads collecting distances motorways southminster

Metrolink Tram to Monsall

134 months ago
Monsall Tram Stop
On 13th June 2012 services began running on the Metrolink tramway extension from Victoria to Oldham Mumps. Photo This Oldham-bound tram is just entering St Peter's Square from St Werburgh's Road. I caught it in the afternoon and travelled as far as the first of the new stations on the line. PhotoI alighted at Monsall and the tram continued on its journey to Mumps. Photo Monsall is a new build on the line of a former dismantled heavy rail line....
metrolink manchester monsall trams

Street photography whirlwind weekend

135 months ago
Guardian readers may have seen ads for their masterclasses: screenwriting, gardening blah blah. So I blew my pocket money on a Street Photography weekend, 9-10 June. I went up to London on the Friday with the notion of visiting daughter No.2 plus a spot of geographing combined with finding a building where I used to work in another existence. Checked in to hotel, Photo it was a sunny afternoon, so I went exploring in Somers Town, a community bounded by an infrastructure of railway...
street photography city people somers town trafalgar square piccadilly circus columbia road

A weekend in Garlieston

135 months ago
War memorial on South Crescent
I would not say my wife and I were keen caravanners even though we have owned them for many years. Up to now we kept it on a seasonal pitch at Fforest Fields in Wales but last year due to having some work done on our place we decided to let the pitch go (the need for some where to stay came first). A new two birth caravan gave us a bit more flexibility in that it was a easier to tow and made my wife a bit more adventurous. Glastonbury was the start (at least to try the van out) so next it...
scotland garlieston coastal beach harbour disused railway benchmarks

Promoting Geograph

135 months ago
Yes - I am a Geographer
My local church decided to have a hobbies day this weekend (Saturday). Not wishing to miss out on an opportunity to showoff my many and varied photographs, and wanting to promote the Geograph project, I set about choosing slides to use in a powerpoint / slide show. I wasn't expecting to be able to use direct/internet link, so I screen-dumped the homepage, login, search, and a number of other useful pages. There was a great deal of interest throughout the day, particularly from other...
education geograph promotion hobby hobbies photography

Jam lives again

135 months ago
(Jam is the name of one of our servers. Which following a forum contest have been named along a Tea set theme. So it helps power the site along with Toast, Scone, Milk and Cream) Jam has been in operation 24 hours a day, since mid 2006. For the first 5 years, it faithfully held the primary copy of the photographs. It had 1.5TB of disk space in a Raid 5 SATA array. By the beginning of last year, it was getting noticeably slow, and also the available disk space was beginning to fill...
geograph servers upgrade report

Trans Pennine Trail Green Pastures to East Didsbury

135 months ago
Trans Pennine Trail
The TransPennine trail at Green Pastures, Heaton Mersey. Photo The route is along a former railway line running from New Mills through Heaton Mersey and Chorlton-cum-Hardy to Manchester. Photo It leads towards a tunnel under Parrs Wood Lane. Photo Looking back here towards Green Pastures. Photo The view from the other side of the tunnel. Photo Chris Wimbush's photograph taken in January 2011 shows where the footpath used to...
east didsbury parrs wood heaton mersey trans pennine trail metrolink

Plan ahead continued

135 months ago
First sight of the sea, Shorefield Road
I remember my previous hobby, from 1970 to around 1996, when the last privately issued small train tickets left the national rail system on the Isle of Wight ferry. Being much younger and fitter, as well as various reasonably powered cars and friends without families I'd go off into the distance to get tickets from wherever they were issued, knowing they were destined for removal from 1982 onwards, finally leaving the last national station in 1988 at South Merton as far as I know. A handful...
planning myriads

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