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A Stationary Blog

132 months ago
Houghton Mill
This 30 day period of geographing has a stationary theme; mills, engines and buildings being the main subjects. A few industrial sites ticked off the list and a few more which I don't have time for can be done over Easter/next year. So I left off at Strumpshaw and Ashby St Mary in late July. Photo Gressenhall was first, this workhouse museum far exceeded expectations. A nice summer day also made photography pleasurable. Inside the stationary exhibit was the main interest,...

Mission almost complete

132 months ago
View across The Cotswolds from Bourton on the Hill
Having begun my project to spread my presence as far and wide across the personal map early last year, I began with myriads (as you would), and then went for the compass points. The combination of very frequent stops (unavoidable in these cases) and a little economical car mean I can't eat up the motorway as I did in my ancient Proton, but potter around on the A roads (if I'm lucky) and get stuck at every non-bypassed town, from Luton Photo (never changes), Hertford (now found a way...
cotswolds myriads driving

The Taking of the Final Four

133 months ago
Track west of Craignarget Hill
The Machars literally “the Plains (of Galloway)" is a peninsula in Galloway in the south-west of Scotland. The word is derived from the Gaelic word Machair meaning low lying or level land, known as "links" on the east coast of Scotland. Although there are no high peaks in the Machars, it is not flat and would best be described as undulating or rolling. The North Atlantic Drift or Gulf Stream creates a mild climate in which plants normally associated with the Southern Hemisphere can thrive,...
completing the machars

Last part of the Red Line

133 months ago
The Last One
After a failed attempt the previous week due to a flat battery on my camera I set out for Buscot again only this time with a full battery and a back up camera checked before the journey. I was impressed by the village the previous week so took a few photos before setting off on my trek Photo Photo. It was then off towards the lock for some photos of the weir pool Photo before heading off to the Church of St John’s which was along a rather overgrown footpath...
pillboxes buscot curches river thames

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