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In the lee of Beinn Dubh, Islay

126 months ago
We nearly didn't go on this walk. The cold north-easterly wind did blow and we had planned to walk on Islay's eastern shores; well, not shores exactly; that just sounded better. I had worked out a circular route, starting at Ballygrant quarry, walking up the track to Lossit Farm, down to the bothy at Baleachdrach and then southwards at the foot of Beinn Dubh to Lochs Fada and Leathann and back to the road and the car. It was all familiar territory to me, although I have only done all the...

Ancient Ileach company on Mother's Day

126 months ago
Feeling a little sorry for myself as it was my first Mother's Day on my own - not that we had ever made much of a fuss about it in our family - I decided to pack a picnic and gain some more Islay gridsquares. After all, that was my favourite thing to do and I didn't mind doing it on my own so would be less likely to indulge in a bout of self-pity. Perhaps my least visited area of the island is the Rhinns peninsula. I'm not sure why. But I had long ago noticed on the map the curious name of...

Spring is coming

126 months ago
Beaulieu Close, Datchet
Although the calendar (read 'government') means the clocks don't go forward till the final day in March this year it's now not getting too dark for photos till 6pm, so ignoring their method of trying to cheat time and beginning my 2013 plans, even if I haven't yet carried any out yet. I was pleased to get the first medium trip a few weeks ago to the edge of Reading, as it made a little splash in a previously green void, and luckily since when I've been available more pre-Worboys road signs...

First-bagging in the National Nature Reserve of Cairnsmore of Fleet

126 months ago
Across the Cairnsmore of Fleet National Nature Reserve
Ever since seeing them from the ridge during a cold February walk with a friend on Cairnsmore of Fleet in 2009 Photo, a group of 8 unGeographed squares in the valleys to the east had been winking at me. I’d rather assumed (wrongly) that they must have been protected by some sort of access restrictions into the National Nature Reserve, but a call to the warden at the Dromore Visitor Centre confirmed that those sorts of archaic conditions genuinely only affect us poor souls in England...
geographing trip report geotrip

Two Old Islay Farmsteads

126 months ago
I seem to be having a bit of a thing at the moment for Islay ruins - the more isolated, the better! Hence, after checking the forecast and yep, it was going to be another beauty of a day, Fiona and I met at the Coullabus road end at 9.15 am to work out car positions and the route. The only thing was, it wasn't a beauty of a day. It turned out to be the bad day sandwiched between two good ones - and naturally the day we'd chosen to walk! Fiona is familiar with this terrain - we both are -...

In search of ancient Islay

126 months ago
Three very amateur archaeologists set off in search of a variety of features shown on the Ordnance Survey map off what is known locally as the 'back road' to Gruinart. We were so amateur that we did not really know what the words in fancy writing indicated: - 'hut circles', 'burnt mounds' and 'tumuli' all had to be looked up and pages printed off from Scotland's Places website before we ventured forth into the unknown at Lagstoban Photo. For once I wasn't after gaining new gridsquares...

Capturing a piece of railway heritage before it's lost forever

126 months ago
Disused railway embankment
Driving along the A38 into Tewkesbury on Thursday afternoon, crossing the Mythe causeway I was aware of something was different. It was one of those moments when something you are familiar with is different but you’re not sure exactly what, you know the feeling, something is missing. To my left the railway embankment between the Mythe Tunnel and the River Avon looked very different; it had been cleared of trees. Later that day I asked a friend “What’s happening to the railway embankment...
tewkesbury railway

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