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Walk Islay 2013 - Ascent of Beinn a' Chaolais, Jura

125 months ago
It was the day we'd been waiting for all week, which doesn't sound like a long time, but in a week of unsettled weather with several walks having had to be modified or cancelled, the highlight of the week, the long awaited ascent of Jura's lowest Pap was anticipated with anxiety. Would the weather put paid to this eagerly anticipated event? The forecast had looked good for Friday all week, but often it changes at the last minute. I logged onto XC weather the night before and peered over my...

Gortantoid to Finlaggan

125 months ago
This is the last in my latest series of walks. It's taken a lot of photo manipulation and working out which photo relates to which gridsquare, so a lot of time. Don't expect to see me on here for about another year! Just kidding, this thing is far too addictive for that to be the case. Sadly, though, there's only so much manipulating that can enhance boring photos and so I apologize in advance for the lack of interest in these photos; the weather was poor and, whilst the scenery was more...

The new season 2013

125 months ago
Bar Lane at the junction of the A24
The new season officially kicked off two weeks ago, with the clocks going forward, allowing my freedom to go wherever I wanted given the opportunity before it got dark. The first was a shortish run to the Sussex border as there was a gap without any red squares it was easy to fill in, and a week later finally got to Cuckfield to get this wonderful pair of signs only found because of Dave Spicer. Photo I have a list of trips for 2013 now, that was the first, mainly as old signs are...
ambition hectads pre-worboys sign

Glen Beanie circular walk, Glen Shee

125 months ago
Our plans to do some hillwalking had been thwarted by the heavy snowfall of recent weeks, but we remained undeterred from doing some serious walking - my daughter and I that is. I simply revised my 'wish list'. Unlike when I am on Islay, constantly perusing the maps for gridsquares yet unvisited, I was looking at a totally green map and so could choose anywhere, as long as it wasn't too risky. I chose Glen Beanie. originally my wish list had included a circular trip which took in both Loch...

Liverpool - one hour ashore and one hour afloat

125 months ago
Rainbow over the Liverpool waterfront
On what was - for me - a rare foray south of Hadrian’s Wall, I had the opportunity to visit Liverpool – opportunity in this case meaning just two hours. Using the ferry from Woodside to the Pier Head, this involved a short cruise on the Mersey, followed by one hour to explore a little of Liverpool’s waterfront - with the much-photographed Royal Iris of the Mersey performing ferry duty between Birkenhead and Liverpool. Photo Photo Photo Photo In Greek...
city town centre economy tourism river docks sculpture architecture

Loch Cam and Loch Drolsay Circular Walk, Islay

125 months ago
This was to be my third or fourth visit to what is known as the Sorn Valley in the centre (ish) of the island. The area is difficult to access and some gridsquares are therefore really only accessible by repeating some parts of previous walks. This is not a complaint, of course, particularly when the weather is as glorious as it was today. Angus, the friendly farmer of both Scarrabus and Balole farms met us at the deer gate Photo and welcomed us, advising us that we need not fear...

Into the new year

125 months ago
Clipstone Colliery
I was stymied from posting for most of January due to 'upgrading' to Windows 8 and then discovering that my machine wouldn't run for more than a few minutes before freezing. However, I did eventually get started and was able to post my January backlog then move on with February - blessed relief to be back on site. On the 12th of January I filled in some of the local scenery that I have been neglecting since the 1970s with a wander round Worcester - Photo Photo Photo...
industrial archaeology steam railway steam engine colliery

Giur-bheinn and Margadale Circular, Islay

125 months ago
Having my daughter home for the Easter holidays, combined with (finally) glorious weather meant that I just couldn't wait to be out. This was a reconnaisance walk for the forthcoming Walk Islay week on which I'd been asked to lead a walk up this modest hill. Being one of my favourite hills and being near one of my favourite ruins, I decided to combine the two and make it into a circular walk. After much research and enquiry, I've recently discovered that 'Giùr' is an Islay word for crouching...

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