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Jubilee Path up Cnoc Fyrish

76 months ago
Fyrish Monument
Cnoc Fyrish provides a fine viewpoint of the Cromarty Firth and the marine activity in its waters. A folly graces the summit of the hill. The Fyrish Monument is a monument built in 1782 on the orders of Sir Hector Munro, 8th of Novar, a native lord of the area who had served in India as a general. As the local population were being cleared off their land, employment was a problem and so it was built to give the locals some work. It was said that Sir Hector rolled stones from the top of...
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The walk up Am Faochagach from the west end of Loch Glascarnoch

76 months ago
On the ridge heading for Am Faochagach
One route up Am Faochagach requires the fording of a normally fast flowing Highland burn, and so the route is recommended only for times of drought. After a very dry Spring, May 2017 was a good time to attempt the route. The river crossing is rather daunting especially when the first person seen near the crossing point was above his knees in water. However there is a preferred crossing point marked by a small cairn on each bank. The east bank has the more distinguished feature to be...
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An hour in Drummondreach Oak Wood

77 months ago
Beech by the lochan in Drummondreach Oak Wood
This is a walk to dawdle over. Less than two miles and its downhill all the way from the furthest point. The walk lies within a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its trees and woodland flora. Guided walks occur in late May organised by the Highland Council Rangers. The wood has both a Fort and a Hut Circle but both need a bit of finding. A helpful sign saying "Hut Circle" beside the one obvious path through the wood has disappeared. On this hour's walk the fort was not visited,...
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Visiting the lochans in the Monadh Mor bog-forest

77 months ago
Unnamed lochan on the edge of Monadh Mòr
The Monadh Mor Site of Special Scientific Interest is for the most part trackless. The SSSI contains the best example of bog-forest in the UK. The terrain is gently undulating - the ridges contain trees and the lower areas are swampy and in places contain sheets of water. Going back 150 years to the 25 inch to the mile maps shows that even when the inhabitants needed to use the bog for peat extraction there were no real paths that crossed the area. Over the years deer and other animals...
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