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  • Natural History Museum
    Natural History Museum (in TQ2679)
    Photo Cluster, 190 images. Updated 2 months ago.
    | | Natural History Museum (in TQ2679)
  • Pedestrian crossing on the Carrow Works site
    A short history of Carrow Priory
    Article by Evelyn Simak, with 465 words, 1 images and viewed 84 times. Updated 5 months ago.
    ... to the former Chapter House. For an in-depth history go to: The Priory is ... HODs guided tour can be seen here: Carrow Priory - Photographs | A short history of Carrow Priory | A short ...
  • Holburn Street
    Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos
    Article by Chris Downer, with 52102 words, 2,760 images and viewed 13,107 times. Updated 13 months ago.
    INTRODUCTION This article takes a little look back at the history of postal addressing, especially the period in the 1970s when the postcodes became national. We look at post towns, postal counties and postcodes and the way these have developed. Following this, an album displays a photograph from ...
  • Newark Castle
    A History of Port Glasgow
    Article by Thomas Nugent, with 5401 words, 273 images and viewed 13,133 times. Updated 14 months ago.
    Location of Port Glasgow --------------- | 'NS 32 74' | Port Glasgow is located on the south bank of the River Clyde, about 18 miles north west of Glasgow, where the river widens and deepens to become the Firth of Clyde. In the days of sail, the town's location on a west flowing estuary in the north ...
  • Fallings Park Garden Suburb - Victoria Road
    A History of Council Housing in Wolverhampton
    Article by John M, with 644 words, 114 images and viewed 11,669 times. Updated 14 months ago.
    ... at 269112 in 1971 but has since fallen to around 240000. The history of Council Housing within the town is inextricably linked with central Government ... before demolition. The inspiration for this article was George Barnsby's 'A History of Housing in Wolverhampton 1750 to 1975'. The early 1900s and the ...
  • Family History Research in Scotland
    Article by Anne Burgess, with 1770 words and viewed 620 times. Updated 17 months ago.
    ... the differences between research in Scotland and elsewhere in Great Britain. | Family History Research in Scotland
  • Recent harvest with a secret
    Archaeology and History OS 25K map symbols
    Article by David Hawgood, with 408 words, 9 images and viewed 3,248 times. Updated 17 months ago.
    ... 1:25,000 scale (Explorer) maps with photos of examples | Archaeology and History OS 25K map symbols
  • Milestones Living Museum, Basingstoke
    Living History Museum (in SU6252)
    Photo Cluster, 36 images. Updated 55 months ago.
    | | Living History Museum (in SU6252)
  • High Street Foxton
    Transport history in Cambridgeshire
    Geo-trip by David Howard, 49 images. Updated 80 months ago.
    ... flourished in specific points, and the rarest of all, the war | Transport history in Cambridgeshire
  • Junction of Court Road and Eltham High Street
    Bexley's transport history
    Geo-trip by David Howard, 56 images. Updated 83 months ago.
    ... taken on a Sunday with no traffic or parking | Bexley's transport history
  • The quarters of Horsmondenís village sign
    The History of Horsmonden
    Gallery started by D Gore, with 2 posts, 36 images and viewed 2,546 times. Updated 109 months ago.
    This gallery contains images which, with their descriptions, illustrate aspects of the history of Horsmonden village in Kent. Some of the local industries of the ... 40 An illustrated history of Horsmonden with references is on pages 99-106 at:http://books ...

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