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    4 of 4 By Colin Smith

  • The Lovelace Bridges Trail
    East Horsley's Lovelace Bridges Trail
    Article by Colin Smith, with 938 words, 25 images and viewed 4,998 times. Updated 11 months ago.
    Historical geographic tour around the woods in the old East Horsley Estate,... (more)
  • George Abbot
    Guildford - George Abbot Trail
    Article by Colin Smith, with 1242 words, 26 images and viewed 794 times. Updated 73 months ago.
    Historical sites in Guildford linked to George Abbot.
  • Shere Parish Millennium Trail
    Shere Parish Millennium Trail
    Article by Colin Smith, with 1579 words, 49 images and viewed 2,209 times. Updated 103 months ago.
    Topographical description and photographs on Shere Parish Council's Millenium Trail.
  • Waymarkers, Oldlands Wood
    Horsley Jubilee Trail
    Article by Colin Smith, with 868 words, 27 images and viewed 5,639 times. Updated 116 months ago.
    Circular signposted trail around East and West Horsley, Surrey

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