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Ruined Houses of the Republic of Ireland by Mike Searle
/article/Ruined-Houses-of-the-Republic-of-Ireland - County listing of the ruined historic country houses and mansions of the Irish Republic
/article/THE-CHANGING-FACE-OF-BROMSGROVE-HIGH-STREET - A record of shops on Bromsgrove High Street and how they change over the years
Travelling to Stornoway by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1897 - I had the good fortune to be able to join a week-long botanical recording field trip to the uninhabited islands south of Barra. This was the first leg of the journey, driving from home to Ullapool, then by ferry to Stornoway. I had allowed planty of ti
A wander around Eccleshill in Bradford by Stephen Craven
/geotrips/1905 - I had an hour and a half to spare while someone I had driven to the hospital was being seen. The walk covered a part of Bradford I know reasonably well but hadn't explored much on foot before, as well as the Ravenscliffe estate which has been partly redev
Class 195 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-195-diesel-multiple-units - Class 195 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
New Year's Day 2004 by Penny Mayes
/article/New-Years-Day-2004 - A collection of images taken on New Year's Day 2004
National Cycle Network by Oast House Archive
/article/National-Cycle-Network - National Cycle Network
Angels on Memorials by Humphrey Bolton
/article/Angels-on-Memorials - This is a collection of images of angels on war memorials and grave memorials
The Football Grounds of Britain and Ireland 2022-23 by Roger Cornfoot
/article/Football-Grounds - Pictures of every football ground in alphabetical order.
Killing time between flights at Bristol Airport by Thomas Nugent
/geotrips/1879 - I arrived at Bristol from Prague at 3pm and quickly cleared Customs and the UK Border, which meant that I had five hours to kill before my connecting flight home to Glasgow. Not quite enough time to comfortably accommodate a visit to the city centre on a
Cùl Beag from the A835 by Julian Paren
/geotrips/1881 - Cùl Beag is a less popular destination for walkers than its neighbour Cùl Mòr. Cùl Mòr has a good access path from the A835 which rises steadily until the final stiff climb to its summit. Once at Cùl Mòr's summit there are a range of ridges to explore a
Hills to the east of the Crimea Pass above Blaenau Ffestiniog by Richard Law
/geotrips/1878 - A short afternoon walk in rather fine weather, over some small hills in little-frequented country north of Blaenau Ffestiniog. Moel Penamnen sits 40-odd feet higher than 2000ft, so qualifies as a 'Hewitt' (Hills of England & Wales over Two Thousand). Most
The A40 to Wales by David Howard
/geotrips/1883 - Without Geograph I would never have had a reason to go to Abergavenny, but what is the rarest pair of pre-Worboys signs is the no left/right turns, more so still carrying their circle on top. A pair next to each other cropped up there recently, indicating
Mull of Oa and Beinn Mhor by thejackrustles
The Fishwives' Path again by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1859 - In days gone by fishwives from Buckie would regularly walk to Keith with baskets of fish to sell or barter for eggs, butter and other farm produce. The women walked 25 miles a day, carrying 40 lbs (18 kgs) of fish for half of that distance. Mary Jane Miln
Preserved electric locomotives of British Rail by Roger Cornfoot
/article/Preserved-electric-locomotives-of-British-Rail - Photos of every 'heritage' former B.R. electric loco, submitted by Geographers.
Crinkle-crankle or serpentine walls by Penny Mayes
Arthington - Leeds District - West Yorkshire by Humphrey Bolton
/article/Arthington---Leeds-District---West-Yorkshire - Description of geographic features in a civil parish
Glasgow's Football Stadiums by Thomas Nugent
/article/Glasgows-Football-Stadia - A look at the history of the four remaining professional football stadiums in the city of Glasgow, using photos from the Geograph collection
The Salt Way, from the Soar to the Fens by Tim Heaton
/article/The-Salt-Way-from-the-Soar-to-the-Fens - A pictorial description of an ancient 'Salt Way' route followed by the Roman roads between the Midlands and the Fens
Bridlington A-Z by JThomas
/article/Bridlington-A-Z - A-Z of Bridlington
The Valley of Red Beck, near Brighouse by Humphrey Bolton
/article/The-Valley-of-Red-Beck-near-Brighouse - Exploring the countryside in the valley following roads and paths
New Year's Day 2022 by Penny Mayes
/article/New-Years-Day-2022 - A collection of images taken on New Year's Day 2022
Auchtertool Kirk by Bill Kasman
/article/Auchtertool-Kirk - A look around an historic church in a prominent position on a hill
Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth Railway line by Adrian S Pye
/article/Lowestoft-to-Great-Yarmouth-Railway-line - Following the line of the former railway from Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth Beach Station through the modern landscape
A coastal odyssey from Bridlington to Broughty Ferry by Oliver Dixon
/article/The-Coast-from-Bridlington-to-Broughty-Ferry-part-1 - A gallery of coastal photographs of North-East England and South-East Scotland
Puffins Galore 2022 by JThomas
/article/Puffins-Galore-2022 - Puffins Galore! trail around East Yorkshire
Royal Forest of Dean Boundary Stones by Mr Red
/article/Royal-Forest-of-Dean-Boundary-Stones - images and locations of modern and historical boundary stones delineating the "Forest" where rights in common accrue.
Gates of Ashdown Forest by Simon Carey
/article/Gates-of-Ashdown-Forest - Historical entrances to the medieval hunting park of Ashdown Forest
The Bealach Path and Killiecrankie Loop by Julian Paren
/geotrips/1856 - The Bealach Path and Killiecrankie Loop Saturday 6 August 2022 This walk to Killiecrankie over the hills from Pitlochry and then back by the River Garry is described in a number of trail guides. The route receives acclaim with high star ratings. So,
Stinkers in Lowestoft by Adrian S Pye
/article/Stinkers-in-Lowestoft - Some of the remaining Stench or Stink pipes still extant in Lowestoft
Digital Cameras Challenge by JThomas
/article/Digital-Cameras-Challenge-2022 - Digital Cameras Challenge
Cullaloe Forest and Cullaloe Reservoir by Bill Kasman
/article/Cullaloe-Forest-and-Cullaloe-Reservoir - Exploring a forest walk and its related (but not connected), little-known reservoir
Commonwealth War Graves in Lickey Cemetery Extension by Roy Hughes
/article/Commonwealth-War-Graves-in-Lickey-Cemetery-Extension - Commonwealth War Graves in Lickey Church Extension, Lickey
The Wolverhampton 21 flight of locks by Roger Kidd
Crop Plants on Geograph by M J Richardson
/article/Crop-Plants-on-Geograph - Images and descriptions of commercially grown crop plants
Gloucestershire Stone Stiles Project by Mr Red
"The World of Stonehenge", British Museum by Roger Jones
Conwy Road Bridge by N Chadwick
Ben Nevis Observatory by Jim Barton
Reigate Tunnel Platinum Jubilee display by Ian Capper
Warwick Mop Fair by Robin Stott
Along the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal into Sheffield by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/358 - We met at Meadowall South / Tinsley tram stop for a walk along the canal to its terminus at Sheffield Canal Basin on the edge of the city centre. The walk passes a flight of locks at the Tinsley end to take the canal up towards industrial Attercliffe. T
GWR Electrification at Cholsey by Bill Nicholls
/article/GWR-Electrification - The Idea is to show how the view has changed with the electrification of the GWR near Cholsey
Stormont Wharf, Belfast by Rossographer
Canal re-oxygenation in Stourport, June 2013 by Roger Kidd
Village signs of Suffolk by Adrian S Pye
/article/Village-signs-of-Suffolk - Village signs
Ferries of Larne by Albert Bridge
Grand Union Canal - Uxbridge to Brentford by David Hawgood
/article/Grand-Union-Canal---Uxbridge-to-Brentford - Grand Union Canal maps and photos, particularly bridges with numbers
Spey Bay Circular by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1815 - After following the route of the Speyide Way from Tugnet to Portgordon, we intended to return by the beach, but were foiled because the tide was too high for us to cross the Burn of Tynet, so we had to detour back to the Speyside Way before crossing the S
Acklam, North Yorkshire by Humphrey Bolton
/article/Acklam---East-Riding-of-Yorkshire - Exploration of a rural civil parish, with reference to landscape history.
New Year's Day 2022 by Penny Mayes
Midday Christmas 2021 by Oast House Archive
A walk in mid-Devon by David Smith
/geotrips/1281 - This was a bus-to-bus walk to visit for the first time half-a-dozen squares, using roads and paths (some of the latter were muddy). Hardly saw anyone, except for a group visiting the graveyard at Cruwys Morchard and a few passing motorists
Big Sand to Rubha Reidh by Nigel Brown
/geotrips/616 - Out on the coast from Gairloch lies the crofting community of Big Sand, and the start of the road up the coast to Melvaig and beyond. I was very familiar with the area just south of Big Sand; Sand Holiday Centre at Little Sand Farm is a favourite camping
Mains of Cardross and Castle Hill by Lairich Rig
/article/Mains-of-Cardross-and-Castle-Hill - A discussion of the two sites in connection with King Robert the Bruce and his Cardross residence
Architectural features illustrated by Adrian S Pye
/article/Architectural-features-illustrated - From Abacus to Ziggurat, architectural features defined and illustrated
Glendaruel to Tighnabruaich via Bealachandrain and Otter Ferry, return via Ormidale by Thomas Nugent
/geotrips/1796 - A 61 year old man's refusal to accept that his cycling days in the Cowal hills are behind him. A ride that I last endured exactly half my lifetime ago in mid 1990, when the Bealachandrain hill was climbed from the 'easy' side at Otter ferry. The trip a
Carrifran Wildwood by M J Richardson
/article/Carrifran-Wildwood--an-inspirational-story - An account of a 20 year [so far] landscape restoration project in the south of Scotland, as illustrated by Geograph photographers
DAY TRIPS BY TRAIN - 2021 by Roy Hughes
/article/DAY-TRIPS-BY-TRAIN---2021 - A record of day trips made by my wife and I using trains
Bottle ovens. by Chris Allen
A short walk to Myreside Pond by Bill Kasman
Walk to Carn Dubh Ic An Deoir Trig Point and Cairn and back via some peat hags by thejackrustles
Hill of Towie Wind Farm by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1778 - Love them or hate them, wind farms make it much easier to walk over land that was previously quite hard going. We set out from Belnellan Farm at Maggieknockater and followed the road up through the forest, turning right on the new path provided by the win
Shepherd Neame by Oast House Archive
/article/Shepherd-Neame - Shepherd Neame Public Houses, the Pub signs, and Brewery
Around south Bedfordshire by David Howard
/geotrips/1785 - A little trip around the areas I hadn't covered north of Luton. If I have a spare afternoon it's always nice to go out during the long days, so make a list of places I can go to in advance and remove some green areas from my map. Most now involve going cr
Class 153 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-153-diesel-multiple-units - Class 153 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
Watermills of the Suffolk Rivers by Adrian S Pye
/article/Watermills-of-the-Suffolk-Rivers - Watermills still extant and of the past on Suffolk Rivers
Northeast suburban London by David Howard
/geotrips/1786 - I have many green spots the other side of London from me as it's always busy getting there whichever route you use, so does not get as much coverage as the other areas south and west. I know the area fairly well as my grandparents lived in Ilford when the
Public Houses in Beccles Past and Present by Adrian S Pye
/article/Public-Houses-in-Beccles-Past-and-Present - Public Houses in Beccles Past and Present, including surrounding village pubs
Anniversary of Edward Jenner's first smallpox vaccination by Philip Halling
Class 185 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-185-diesel-multiple-units - Class 185 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
London to Hampshire by David Howard
/geotrips/1771 - This was a collection visit to get one of the most prized pre-Worboys signs in the set, as it may be the only one left in England.As expected it was slow progress, crawling around the fringe of London before hitting the more open road in Surrey. But all w
Keith and Strathisla Circular by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1776 - We started from the outskirts of Keith and followed part of the route we had done the previous summer http://www.geograph.org.uk/geotrips/1681 but in the opposite direction, plus a short detour to visit the site of my great-great-great-grandparents' home.
River Deben from source to sea by Adrian S Pye
/article/River-Deben-from-source-to-sea - The River Deben, its bridges watermills and other features along its 33 miles length
Climbing Beinn Achaladair and Beinn a' Chreachain by Nigel Brown
/geotrips/1768 - These two Munros are high spots of the line of hills forming the southern boundary of Rannoch Moor. Taken together they make a long but attractive walk which also includes some lower summits. I parked at Achallader farm and set off south, over the rail
Descriptive words on OS maps by David Hawgood
/article/Descriptive-words-on-OS-maps - Generic words on Ordnance Survey maps, not proper names
Class 175 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-175--diesel-multiple-units - Class 175 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
Scotland's Post WWII Category A Listed Buildings by Thomas Nugent
/article/Scotlands-50-Post-WWII-Category-A-Listed-Buildings - Geograph photos of Scotland's Post WWII Category A Listed Buildings
Village signs of Norfolk by Adrian S Pye
/article/Village-signs-of-Norfolk - Village signs of Norfolk
St Kilda and Rockall by David Purchase
/article/St-Kilda-and-Rockall - A short history and description of the St Kilda archipelago
Exploring Garth Wood and Lesser Garth Hill by Gareth James
/geotrips/1769 - An exploration of Cardiff's not-that-well-known 'hollow mountain'. The Little or Lesser Garth Hill lies to the south of its more well-known and popular larger brother, Garth Hill, and is covered on its tops and edges by Garth Wood. But the interior
The Fishwives' Path by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1702 - In days gone by fishwives from Buckie would regularly walk to Keith with baskets of fish to sell or barter for eggs, butter and other farm produce. The women walked 25 miles a day, carrying 40 lbs (18 kgs) of fish for half of that distance. Mary Jane Mil
Climbing Cistfaen, a small hill in the Elenydd by Nigel Brown
/geotrips/1767 - Cistfaen lies to the north of the Cwm Ystwyth to Rhayader mountain road, on the watershed between the Ystwyth and Elan valleys, and also between them and the Wye valley to the north. It is easily accessed from the car park at the head of Cwm Ystwyth, and
A History of Port Glasgow by Thomas Nugent
/article/A-History-of-Port-Glasgow - A brief history of Port Glasgow
Around Daventry by David Howard
/geotrips/1737 - Due to the lockdown preventing my planned trip to Wales I spent time looking around the maps for pre-Worboys signs, which turned up a good few I'd never have got round to looking for otherwise. A matching pair were on a housing estate in Daventry, which l
Military Remains in Lossie Forest by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1760 - We set out from the small Forestry Commission car park near Inchbroom and followed the line of the World War II military defences to the shore. The wind was a bitterly cold lazy wind (too lazy to go round you so it goes straight through you) from the east
Royal Air Force Stations in Lincolnshire by Adrian S Pye
/article/Royal-Air-Force-Stations-in-Lincolnshire - Royal Air Force Stations of Lincolnshire, past and present and their Memorials
Class 142 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-142-Pacer-diesel-multiple-unit--DMU - Class 142 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
COVID-19 lockdown walks around Tunbridge Wells 2 - High Rocks by N Chadwick
/geotrips/1698 - During the COVID-19 full lockdown of March - June of 2020, travel was highly restricted. One of the reasons for leaving the house was "daily exercise". These are a series of walks I did from home around Tunbridge Wells.
The Long Winter 1962-3 by Julian Paren
/article/The-Long-Winter-1962-3 - An introduction to the 1962-3 winter illustrated by images from the Geograph archive
The Eden Benchmarks by David Purchase
/article/The-Eden-Benchmarks - The Eden Benchmark sculptures beside the River Eden in Cumbria
West Wemyss by Bill Kasman
/article/West-Wemyss - Every publicly-accessible road, track and path in the Fife village of West Wemyss
A visit to Shropshire by David Howard
/geotrips/1726 - As my initial plan to go to Wales was prevented due to the border being closed under lockdown, I checked for as many pre-Worboys signs I could get, and found a rich vein this side of Shropshire (the rest were too far). As far as I know I've never been the
Back Roads south of Alves by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1615 - As the ground was pretty saturated after a wet spell, we didn't fancy muddy field or forest paths, and the tide was going to be too high to walk along the beach, so we decided to explore the farmlands south of Crook of Alves, using the network of minor ro
Inns and Public Houses in Norfolk by Adrian S Pye
/article/Inns-and-Public-houses-in-Norfolk - Just a few of the Inns and Pubs I and others have photographed in Norfolk
Listed Buildings in Bakewell, Derbyshire by Peter Barr
/article/Listed-Buildings-in-Bakewell-Derbyshire - A walk through the town, with photographs and descriptions of the Listed Buildings, and other structures
The Darvel to Eaglesham weavers trail by Kenneth Mallard
/article/The-Darvel-to-Eaglesham-weavers-trail - The history of the Eaglesham weavers' trail
Lancaster Canal by David Dixon
Autumn colours and leaf fall by M J Richardson
/article/Autumn-colours-and-leaf-fall - Six stages of leaf fall of a Sycamore tree
Cùl Mòr from Knockan by Julian Paren
/geotrips/1685 - The Walk Highlands website provides a suggested itinerary for climbing Cùl Mòr, and this was mostly followed for this Geotrip. The walk uses the Stalkers Path from Knockan that crosses Meallan Dìomhain and climbs Cùl Mòr by the North East ridge. The wal
Inns and Public Houses in Suffolk by Adrian S Pye
/article/Inns-and-Public-Houses-in-Suffolk - Just a few of the Inns and Pubs I and others have photographed in Suffolk
The Lead Shot Tower, Redcliff Hill by Martin Tester
The Walled Garden, Silverburn Park, Leven by Bill Kasman
/article/The-Walled-Garden-Silverburn-Park - A pictorial tour of the Walled Garden which is located within Silverburn Park near Leven
A walk in the environs of Langley by Philip Cornwall
/geotrips/1689 - A short walk near Langley, Cheshire undertaken on a delightfully sunny September evening. Start / finish is at a small car park at the north end of the Teggsnose reservoir dam. The walk commences along a short section of the Gritstone Trail across the dam
Heysham to M6 link road, Lancaster by Ian Taylor
/article/Heysham-to-M6-link-road-Lancaster - This article covers the construction of the A683 link road between 2013 and 2016. The road bypasses Lancaster on the north side, running between the A589 Morecambe Road (SD457632) and M6 Junction 34 (SD496642).
East Neuk Swimming by Aleks Scholz
/article/East-Neuk-Swimming - Collection of places along in the East Neuk that are commonly frequented by outdoors swimmers
My 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown walking project by Chris Downer
/article/My-2020-Coronavirus-Lockdown-walking-project - A project to visit every road within 2km of my home
Southampton's old town and cruise docks by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/843 - Basher Eyre took us on a guided tour of Southampton's old town. Starting at the station, we walked past the Civic Centre towards the town walls. After seeing an interesting mural summarising Southampton's history in Hamtun Street and hearing about South
Preserved steam locomotives of British Rail by Roger Cornfoot
/article/Preserved-steam-locomotives-of-British-Rail - Photos of every 'heritage' former B.R. steam loco, submitted by Geographers.
Graves with Headstones of Occupation by Adrian S Pye
/article/Graves-and-Headstones-of-Occupation - Occupations or hobbies depicted on gravestones
The Braes Loan Trail by Bill Kasman
/geotrips/1672 - The Braes Loan Trail incorporates several historic elements going back to the 12th century and beyond. Part of the trail is believed to be an old pilgrim's route which used to pass through Markinch and along which Edward I led his invading army into the v
Poisonous Plants - Wild by Tom Jolliffe
The Island of Pabbay by David Purchase
/geotrips/1537 - In the first half of June 2010 I visited the Outer Hebrides. I had only recently joined Geograph, and so my photos were not always in an ideal order for a Geo-trip. But I knew enough to realise that I could get some Firsts! The visit was broadly north
The Grantham Canal near The Cropwells from Foss Bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
/geotrips/1653 - Getting a little away from the urban environment for daily exercise during Covid-19 restrictions.
A full day out on The Saddle by Richard Law
/geotrips/1655 - For the Spring Bank Holiday week of late May 1991, the Wrekin Mountaineering Club had booked several days at the JMCS (Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland) hut at Coruisk on Skye. But we had a day to 'kill' before we could get into the place, so we set
Nonconformist Chapels in Wales by Robin Drayton
/article/Nonconformist-Chapels-in-Wales - The history, names and legacy of Nonconformist Chapels in Wales.
A walk in the sculpture park by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/1372 - A few of us met up to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, located in the grounds of the former Bretton Hall Estate. Besides many modern outdoor sculptures, there are exhibitions by contemporary artists and also an underground gallery for indoor exhibits.
A walk on the Mount Batten Peninsula by N Chadwick
/geotrips/1103 - Starting in Plymouth, crossing on the Mount Batten Ferry, then walking back around the coast / estuary.
Preserved diesel locomotives of British Rail by Roger Cornfoot
/article/Preserved-diesel-locomotives-of-British-Rail - Photos of every 'heritage' former B.R. diesel loco, submitted by Geographers.
The Daffodil Way by Philip Halling
/geotrips/959 - Every year in the early spring wild daffodils bloom in the woods, and some farmland in north-west Gloucestershire. The villages of Kempley and Dymock in particular are very popular with visitors and walkers. This walk follows the Daffodil Way which was
The River Nith From The Air by Thomas Nugent
/article/The-River-Nith-From-The-Air - A set of photos taken by the author from commercial aircraft over a period of several years, providing a composite journey down the River Nith from a north to south
The Speyside Way between Nethy Bridge and Grantown-on-Spey by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1397 - We set off from Nethy Bridge and followed the Speyside Way to Grantown-on-Spey. Most of this section of the route is on the trackbed of the former Strathspey Railway. It's fine easy walking and reasonably dry underfoot and you do get an occasional look at
Class 158 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-158-diesel-multiple-units - Class 158 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
Belthorn + Oswaldtwistle by Chris Heaton
/geotrips/1638 - No walk near the eastern side Blackburn would be complete without homage to the Patron Saint of Grumpy Old Men and Proud of It Society - The Grandfather of Fellwalkers. The first two photographs are close to the walk, and concern the birthplace of Alfred
Loch Lomond Steamers by Kenneth Mallard
/article/Loch-Lomond-Steamers - Loch Lomond steamers past and present
Elie and Earlsferry by Bill Kasman
/article/Elie-and-Earlsferry - Every publicly-accessible road, track and path in the Fife villages of Elie and Earlsferry
The Pooley Bridges by David Purchase
/article/The-Pooley-Bridges - A record of the old, temporary and new bridges at Pooley Bridge, Cumbria
Collecting squares in western Glasgow by Alan Murray-Rust
/geotrips/1573 - On the day before the Geograph AGM 2019, I took the opportunity to visit squares to the west of the City centre to photograph in gridsquares I had not previously visited - for Geograph, at least! The trip was primarily done on foot, although a couple of
Heading for Corrour bothy in mid winter 1990 by Richard Law
/geotrips/1635 - The first of two days in the middle of a Wrekin Mountaineering Club week based in Aviemore. The club secretary kindly offered to drive us round to Braemar and the Linn of Dee to start, from where three of us walked the 8 or so miles through the forests of
/article/LOCAL-EXERCISE-WALKS-IN-THE-TIME-OF-CORONAVIRUS - Eighteen local exercise walks starting from outside the Tesco Store, Marlbrook
3 times up and down The Berwyns by Richard Law
/geotrips/1567 - A good, honest, old-fashioned mountain bike ride around the southern end of the Berwyn hills. As documented here, it starts in the rather interesting village of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, which many people will pass through on the way up the valley to the p
The River Witham, from source to sea by Tim Heaton
/article/River-Witham - A pictorial description of the River Witham's indirect route from source to sea
Essex by the Thames by David Howard
/geotrips/1619 - Being quite remote and out on a limb I had rarely been to the area south of the A127 towards the Thames so had a fertile patch to collect new places here. For a change once I'd got through the usual trouble on the North Circular it became nice and clear a
FUNGI ON GEOGRAPH and some notes about fungi by M J Richardson
/article/FUNGI-ON-GEOGRAPH--and-some-notes-about-fungi- - Illustrations of fungi from Geograph
Land's End to John o' Groats by JThomas
/article/Lands-End-to-John-o-Groats - My journey from Land's End to John o' Groats - square by square in photographs
Class 150 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-150-diesel-multiple-units - Class 150 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
Glen Brown Circuit by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1585 - This is one of the paths waymarked by Glenlivet Estate https://www.glenlivetestate.co.uk/outdoor-activities/walking. It's easy to follow, and passes over a variety of land including the old military road, pasture, moorland, forest, woodland, and along the
The Shipping Forecast by M J Richardson
/article/The-Shipping-Forecast - Photographs of the Meteorological Office Inshore Forecast Areas from Geograph
A walk from Elterwater by Michael Dibb
/geotrips/1595 - A very pleasant walk of about 5.7 miles starting and finishing in Elterwater.
Exploring Glasgow's Merchant City by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/1570 - This guided walk of the Merchant City was led by Richard Sutcliffe https://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/120387 , who led us through the grid pattern of the area and explained some of its architectural features. We started at George Square, following dow
Gorseddau quarry and the abandoned Treforys village by Gareth James
/geotrips/1572 - A 4-mile out-and-back walk from the car park at Llyn Cwmystradllyn dam to Gorseddau quarry, out via the ruins of Treforys village and directly back along the route of the Gorseddau tramway.
Letham Glen, Leven by Bill Kasman
/article/Letham-Glen-Leven - A well-used public park in Leven, Fife
The old county of Hunts by David Howard
/geotrips/1586 - Huntingdon had been a place I either skirted or was forced through for the fairly long period when part of the A1 southbound was closed, so I decided to go there specially and cover as much of the area as possible. I'd never been into the centre before, a
The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway by Roger Cornfoot
/article/The-Lynton-and-Barnstaple-Railway - Charting the reinstatement of this historic narrow-guage railway in North Devon.
Water Newton Mill by Alan Murray-Rust
The Greenock Cut by Thomas Nugent
/article/The-Greenock-Cut - A bike ride or walk around the Greenock Cut which affords spectacular views of the Firth of Clyde and the Argyll Hills
Former youth hostels of Great Britain by Stephen Craven
/article/Former-youth-hostels-of-Great-Britain - Buildings that used to be youth hostels of the English and Welsh or Scottish Youth Hostels Associations
The ammonia trains of CIE and Irish Rail by Albert Bridge
The North Yorkshire Moors Railway by Roger Cornfoot
/article/The-North-Yorkshire-Moors-Railway - A journey north from Pickering to Whitby on one of Britain's premier hertage railways.
Hill of Tarvit Mansion House Gardens by Bill Kasman
/article/Hill-of-Tarvit-Mansion-House-Gardens - A walk round the extensive gardens of this historic mansion house
An exploration of Glasgow's Museums by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/1574 - This Geotrip describes a walk led by Richard Sutcliffe https://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/120387 , who works at Glasgow Museums and gave us some insight into some of the museums the city has on offer and how they present and curate their collection. We
Carman Hill by Lairich Rig
/article/Carman-Hill - A discussion of the hill and of related sites and traditions
Norwich Remembers by Adrian S Pye
/article/Norwich-Remembers - Memorials in the City of Norwich
English Castles by Oast House Archive
/article/Castles-England - A list of Castles in England and smaller Islands
The Windows of St Wulfram, Grantham by Alan Murray-Rust
/article/The-Windows-of-St-Wulfram-Grantham - A concise guide to English Gothic tracery
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal by Rich Tea
/article/The-Leeds-and-Liverpool-Canal - The Leeds and Liverpool Canal joins these 2 cities via a serpentine route of 127 miles that takes it as far north as Skipton, the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.
Traversing the Brecon Beacons by Graham Horn
/article/Traversing-the-Brecon-Beacons - Three regular Geograph contributors made a 15 kilometre traverse of the Brecon Beacons on New Year's Eve, a wonderful way to end the Geographing year. This is their pictorial journey.
A walk on Bleaklow by Dave Dunford
/article/A-walk-on-Bleaklow - A memorable outing for my new camera on Bleaklow in the Peak District on a day of outstanding views
Greenock Cemetery by Lairich Rig
/article/Greenock-Cemetery - A historical overview of the cemetery and its predecessors, and of selected memorials within
The Paddington Trail by Oast House Archive
/article/The-Paddington-Trail - The Paddington Trail
Shere Parish Millennium Trail by Colin Smith
/article/Shere-Parish-Millennium-Trail - Topographical description and photographs on Shere Parish Council's Millenium Trail.
Belfast Rapid Transit - EWAY to Dundonald by Albert Bridge
/article/Belfast-Rapid-Transit---EWAY-to-Dundonald - A collection of photographs which attempts to show the route of the proposed bus-based east Belfast rapid transit system before, during and after construction.
Colonsay and Oronsay in the Firth of Lorne by Julian Paren
/article/Colonsay-and-Oronsay-in-the-Firth-of-Lorne - An article that explores why Colonsay is the most revisited island in Scotland
East Anglia World War Two Aircrew Crash Memorials by Adrian S Pye
/article/East-Anglia-World-War-Two-Aircrew-Crash-Memorials - Wartime aircraft crashes and the Memorials in Eastern England
Exploring both sides of Hadrian's Wall near Vercovicium by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/1563 - This walk is a combination of a visit to the Housesteads Museum at the Roman fort of Vercovicium with a short exploration of the section of Hadrian's Wall surrounding it. Some of the mileage shown is simply moving fairly randomly amongst the ruins of the
A tour of Bristol by David Howard
/geotrips/1564 - As a collector of photos of pre-Worboys road signs I listed everything known in the Bristol area and then bought a road map and marked them all down and spent an entire Saturday getting them all. It was a warm sunny day and being the weekend untroubled by
Harveys of Lewes by Oast House Archive
/article/Harveys - Harveys of Lewes Public Houses, the Pub signs, and Brewery
Upper Largo and Largo House by Bill Kasman
/article/Upper-Largo - Every publicly-accessible road, lane, track and path in the Fife village of Upper Largo
Tributaries of the River Severn by John M
Shielings by Claire Pegrum
Irish Castles by Oast House Archive
/article/Castles-Ireland - A list of Castles in Ireland
A flight of locks by John M
/article/A-flight-of-locks - A collection of photographs of flights of locks on the canal system
Castley - Harrogate District - North Yorkshire by Humphrey Bolton
/article/Castley-Harrogate-District-North-Yorkshire - Geographical description of Castley civil parish
Class 170 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-170-diesel-multiple-units - Class 170 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
A walk in the woods by Penny Mayes
/geotrips/640 - The main purpose of this trip was to check the location of a photograph submitted to Geograph by someone else which had been queried by another contributor. It showed a pool in the woods above Leighton by Offa's Dyke path. Studies of the maps available at
Day Return to Kyle of Lochalsh from Dingwall by Julian Paren
/geotrips/1424 - The railway line from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh is famed for its beauty. Together with the more publicised “Harry Potter” line that includes the Glenfinnon viaduct on its way from Fort William to Mallaig, and the wilderness route to Fort William ove
Around The Loe from Helston Lodge by Christopher Hilton
/geotrips/1429 - Formerly an inlet of the sea (one of the branching flooded valleys or rias that are characteristic of the south Cornish coast), the Loe is now separated from the sea by the huge shingle bank of the Loe Bar, and is tideless.
Sgùrr Mòr, in the Fannichs by Nigel Brown
/geotrips/214 - A walk up Sgùrr Mòr in the heart of the Fannichs. Starting from Loch Droma to the north, the route heads up the Allt a' Mhadaidh, before taking in the Munro of Beinn Liath Mhòr Fannaich on the way to Sgùrr Mòr. The Fannichs form a sprawling collection of
Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal by David Dixon
Across Birmingham city centre by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/1497 - This is a walk traversing Birmingham's city centre from west to east and back. It starts from Hagley Road Premier Inn, where there is parking, presumbably intended for guests of the hotel and the nearby restaurants. After following the main road inbou
War Memorials in Norfolk by Adrian S Pye
/article/War-Memorials-in-Norfolk - From the Memorials on the village green to the simplest plaque beneath a tree. Lest we forget.
A walk in the southern woodland of the Quantocks by David Smith
/geotrips/1532 - Our walking group is based in Exeter and tends to focus on Devon walks; this was a "recce" for a group walk in a different area later in the year; the weather deteriorated as we returned along the ridge over Wills Neck. Things to see: the very small Bron
Shetland (1) - A walk to Ronas Hill by David Purchase
/geotrips/1515 - Ronas Hill is the highest point in the Shetland Islands. It was important for me, as it was my final County Top in the British Isles (including Ireland). It was a glorious day (unlike two days earlier on Ward Hill, Hoy, in the Orkneys) although the wind w
Glasgow Parks by Thomas Nugent
/article/Glasgow-Parks - A stroll through some of Glasgow's many splendid parks
Collaborative Landforms Gallery by Barry Hunter
/article/Collaborative-Landforms-Gallery - Collection of photos illistrating various landforms noted in Wikipedia articles - work in progress
The Avon Estuary Walk (Devon) by David Smith
/geotrips/1378 - The Avon Estuary Walk is a circular walk on the two banks of the River Avon, crossing at the lowest bridge on the river at Aveton Gifford. The circle is completed by a ferry trip across the river at Bantham. The walk is the recommended diversion for wal
From Mary, Queen of Scots to HRH Queen Elizabeth II by Bill Kasman
/article/From-Mary-Queen-of-Scots-to-HRH-Queen-Elizabeth-II - A short collection of name plaques illustrating the line of succession from Mary, Queen of Scots to HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Class 156 diesel multiple units by JThomas
/article/Class-156-diesel-multiple-units - Class 156 diesel multiple units to be seen on the UK rail network.
The Shortest Flight in the World by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1387 - This flight has been on my bucket list ever since I found out about it, and I was determined to do it, so we had booked our seats months ahead and had to take a chance on the weather being reasonable. We boarded the ferry from Kirkwall to Westray, then dr
Three Ferries and Seven Burns - Walk to Proaig and McArthur's Head, Islay by Becky Williamson
Monsal Trail by Gareth James
/geotrips/1374 - A look along, and just beside, the 8.5-mile Monsal Trail in the Peak District. This cycle- and footpath follows the route of a former railway line, and now includes passage through the six tunnels on this section of the route, as well as various bridges a
The West Somerset Railway by Roger Cornfoot
/article/The-West-Somerset-Railway - A journey from Taunton to Minehead on Britain's longest (standard gauge) hertage railway
Climbing Beinn Bhuidhe from the roadside by Richard Law
/geotrips/1380 - Beinn Bhuidhe, at 948m, isn't a particularly high Munro - it's around no 216 in the ranked list, out of 280+. However, since the nearest accessible carparking is basically at sea level where the A83 curves around the head of Loch Fyne, you have to earn ev
New Year's Eve in London by Chris Downer
/article/New-Year-in-London - A trip to London to see in the New Year
Christmas Holiday Walk To See The Lights by Martin Addison
/geotrips/250 - A pleasant family afternoon stroll from Hampstead Heath down through Swiss Cottage and Regents Park to see the Christmas lights on Oxford Street and Regent Street. The last shot at Junction Road was taken while changing buses on the way home.
Sir Basil Spence - Architect 1907-1976 by Thomas Nugent
/article/Sir-Basil-Spence---Architect - A collection of the works of Sir Basil Spence, using photos from the geograph database
Scottish Placenames - Derivation by Colin Smith
British Road Signs 2002 by Road Engineer
/article/British-Road-Signs-2002 - A collection of photos of British road signs in use
Falkland: An historic village by Bill Kasman
/article/Falkland-An-historic-village - Every publicly-accessible road, street, path, lane etc. in this ancient Fife village with historic royal connections
Great War Centenary - The Village Hall by John M
/article/Great-War-Centenary---The-Village-Hall - Village halls and their links to the Great War as recorded by Geograph contributors.
Vanished, demolished and disappeared Belfast by Albert Bridge
/article/Vanished-demolished-and-disappeared-Belfast - A compilation of photographs of Belfast buildings etc which no longer exist.
OV0000 a unique grid square at Beast Cliff by Peter Standing
/article/In-Search-of-OV0000 - OV 0000 at Beast Cliff in North Yorkshire is the only UK land based position where 4 of the 25 Ordnance Surveys 500km grid squares meet (O, T, S, and N). It is also a place of great beauty and difficult access.
The location of Pillanflatt Farm by Lairich Rig
/article/The-location-of-Pillanflatt-Farm - Locating farm buildings whose disappearance pre-dated the earliest OS maps of the area
Church clocks of Southwark Diocese by Southwark DAC
/article/Church-clocks-of-Southwark-Diocese - An illustrated schedule of Anglican churches in Southwark Diocese that have clocks with external faces.
Pittenweem local authority recycling centre by Bill Kasman
/article/Pittenweem-local-authority-recycling-centre - Photos of this small recycling facility in Fife
Great War Centenary by John M
/article/Great-War-Centenary - A collection of Great War themed photographs and articles by Geograph contributors
Tough country above Vyrnwy by Richard Law
/geotrips/1272 - A word of warning from the start. This is seriously rough country. Despite wandering in the area in the past, I rather under-estimated how tough the going would be - once up on the hills, it's pretty much relentless deep heather and tussock grass in the s
Traditional Dorset finger-posts by Chris Downer
The Killing Times by Gordon Brown
/article/The-Killing-Times - Religious conflict in 17th century Scotland
East Horsley's Lovelace Bridges Trail by Colin Smith
/article/East-Horsleys-Lovelace-Bridges-Trail - Historical geographic tour around the woods in the old East Horsley Estate, covering the "Lovelace Bridges". These bridges were built to aid logging traffic.
Hergest Ridge Circular in the Snow from Kington, Herefordshire by Trevor Rickard
/geotrips/1317 - A bitterly cold day with icy lanes and deep snow on the ridge. Sometimes the walker is the first to traverse fresh snow and this particular walk had plenty of that! How do those ponies survive? Similar walk to http://www.geograph.org.uk/geotrips/987 bu
Glasgow's Street Murals by Thomas Nugent
/article/Glasgows-Street-Murals - A selection of the many 21st Century graffiti style street murals to be found in Glasgow and its environs
Wealden Hall Houses by Oast House Archive
/article/Wealden-Hall-Houses - A brief history and description of Wealden Hall Houses
Vernacular Building in Eaglesham by Kenneth Mallard
/article/Vernacular-Building-in-Eaglesham - Vernacular Building in Eaglesham
Watermills by John M
/article/Watermills - Watermills as discovered by Geograph contributors
Lomond Hills Regional Park by Bill Kasman
/article/Lomond-Hills-Regional-Park - Public paths and tracks in the Lomond Hills Regional Park, Fife
Window Types by Oast House Archive
/article/Windows - Architectural Elements: Window types
Dumbarton Rock and Castle by Lairich Rig
/article/Dumbarton-Rock-and-Castle - A description of the rock, and of its history as a fortified place
Same place - Penmachno - how different weather conditions changes the scenery by Richard Hoare
Grand Central Hotel, Belfast - formerly Windsor House by Albert Bridge
/article/Windsor-House-Belfast-proposed-redevelopment - A photographic record of the redevelopment of Windsor House, Belfast from an office block to a hotel
The Derbyshire Derwent by David Lally
/article/The-Derbyshire-Derwent-Pt1 - Following the flow of the River Derwent in Derbyshire; Part 1 Introduction and The River Source to Ladybower
Chimneys and chimney pots, Northern Ireland by Albert Bridge
/article/Chimneys-and-chimney-pots-Northern-Ireland - Photographs of chimneys and chimney pots in Northern Ireland
The Lepe Loop by Mike Faherty
/article/The-Lepe-Loop - A picture guide to accompany the walk leaflet
Scunthorpe Steelworks by Gareth James
/geotrips/1376 - This is a record of a trip on one of the Appleby-Frodingham Railway Preservation Society (AFRPS)'s excellent brake van tours of the Scunthorpe Steelworks site. Tours are run regularly - see: http://www.afrps.co.uk/railtours.html - with no charge other the
Urswick - South Lakeland - Cumbria by Humphrey Bolton
/article/Urswick---South-Lakeland---Cumbria - A geographical and historical description of Urswick CP
Isle of Portland: east coast by Gareth James
/geotrips/1266 - A linear walk of c.7.5 miles from Chesil Beach at Fortuneswell (north end of the Isle of Portland), up past the prison to Verne High Angle Battery, and then a gentle descent along the eastern coast - passing quarries (both active and abandoned), the Young
WW1 Great War Centenary - Auxiliary Hospitals by John M
/article/Auxiliary-Hospitals - Photographic record of surviving buildings used as Auxiliary Hospitals for casualties of the Great War
Well Dressings by John M
/article/Well-Dressings - A miscellany of well dressing photographs
The Buildings of Watson Fothergill by David Lally
/article/The-Buildings-of-Watson-Fothergill - Images of buildings by Nottingham's most recognisable architect
Lifeboat Stations by Oast House Archive
/article/Lifeboat-Stations - Lifeboat Stations
Waterworks Pumping Stations with Steam Engines by Chris Allen
Salcombe, Bolt Head and Malborough from Kingsbridge by Derek Harper
/geotrips/243 - Took the bus from Kingsbridge to Salcombe, then walked around the coast past Bolt Head to Middle Soar, heading inland to Malborough, from where we caught the bus back to Kingsbridge.
Diffwys ridge in the southern Rhinogydd by Rudi Winter
/geotrips/53 - This walk starts at the end of the minor road leading up into the hills from Bontddu on the Mawddach estuary. At first, I walked along an old track which must have been the main route of access to southern Ardudwy before the coast road was built through
Combe Valley Way by Oast House Archive
/article/Combe-Valley-Way - Hastings to Bexhill Link Road
Thankful Villages by Philip Halling
Tweeted from @geograph_bi in March 2015 by Robin Stott
Completing Hectad NO07 / Carn an Righ by William Starkey
/geotrips/775 - A lengthy walk linking the remaining un-photographed grid squares in hectad NO07 with the Munro Carn an Righ. Route: Dalmunzie Hotel > Glen Taitneach > Allt Easgaidh > Loch nan Eun > Gleann Mòr > Allt a' Ghlinne Mhòir > Fealar Lodge > Miadan Mòr > Allt
Beam Engines in the UK by Chris Allen
/article/Beam-Engines-in-the-UK - Illustrated list of beam engines in the UK that can be seen by the public and based on the Geoff Hayes Shire Classics book, 2003 + other engines not included in that publication.
Gary Abbott by
Walk from Harrogate to Knaresborough along the River Nidd by N Chadwick
Underpass Artworks of the British Isles by Thomas Nugent
/article/Underpass-Artworks - A collection of photographs of works of art which are to be found in pedestrian and traffic underpasses
Thomas Telford's Parliamentary Kirks by Anne Burgess
/article/Thomas-Telfords-Parliamentary-Kirks - Short history of the building of the Parliamentary Kirks in the Highlands in the 1820s
Civil War Re-enactment - Winceby and Old Bolingbroke by Dave Hitchborne
/article/Civil-War-Re-enactment---Winceby-and-Old-Bolingbroke - The 360th anniversary of the Battle of Winceby and The Siege of Old Bolingbroke
Scotch Malt Whisky Distilleries by Anne Burgess
/article/Scotch-Malt-Whisky-Distilleries - A list of known malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, plus a few other whisky producing places.
The Stationary Steam Engine by Chris Allen
Dumbarton Cemetery by Lairich Rig
/article/Dumbarton-Cemetery - A historical overview of the cemetery and its predecessors, and of selected memorials within
Drive a Diesel Train Experience, Ecclesbourne Valley Railway by Dave Hitchborne
/article/Drive-a-Diesel-Train-Experience-Ecclesbourne-Valley-Railway - The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway is a preserved historic line, which offers Drive a Diesel Train Experience's.
Windmills by Oast House Archive
/article/Windmills - Windmills of Great Britain & Ireland
Tweeted from @geograph_bi in January 2015 by Robin Stott
Pleasure Piers by Oast House Archive
/article/Pleasure-Piers - Seaside Pleasure Piers of Great Britain
Native Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by Anne Burgess
/article/Native-Butterflies-of-Britain-and-Ireland - Images of our native butterflies
Newbury Park Way Development by Bill Nicholls
/article/Park-Way-Development - A record of the development along Park Way in Newbury
Geographical Features: Settlement Growth / Location by Colin Smith
The Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Line by Bill Nicholls
/article/The-DidcotNewbury-and-Southampton-Line - Photographic record of the remains of the old Didcot to Newbury Railway.
Roof Types by Oast House Archive
/article/Roof-Types - Architectural Elements: Roof Types
River Thames from source to sea by John M
/article/River-Thames-from-source-to-sea - Photographs taken by Geograph contributors in every OS grid square
New Lanark - World Heritage Site by John M
/article/New-Lanark---World-Heritage-Site - An article bringing together the wealth of pictures taken by Geograph contributors around the World Heritage Site and to provide a historic background for the cotton industry at New Lanark.
Patchwork of Reflections by Elaine Hamby
Vanished and demolished Antrim and Down by Albert Bridge
/article/Vanished-and-demolished-Antrim-and-Down - Photographs of buildings and structures, in Cos Antrim and Down, which no longer exist
TV and Film locations by andy dolman
The River Rea and Tributaries From Source to River Tame by Roy Hughes
/article/The-River-Rea-and-Tributaries-From-Source-to-River-Tame - The Course of Birmingham's River Rea from the source to the end where it joins the River Tame and tributaries
Exploring SD9922 by Humphrey Bolton
/article/Exploring-SD9922 - A geographical description of the grid square.
Olympic and Paralympic Gold Post Boxes by Oast House Archive
/article/Olympic-Gold-Post-Boxes - London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Gold Post Boxes
Martello Towers by Oast House Archive
/article/Martello-Towers - A brief history and description of Martello Towers
WW1 Great War Centenary - Drill Halls by John M
/article/WW1-Great-War-Centenary---Drill-Halls - Some surviving drill halls of the Territorial Forces in 1914 at the outbreak of The Great War
A circular walk from Widecombe in the Moor by Graham Horn
/geotrips/484 - The first day of a 3-day break on Dartmoor. We arrived at lunchtime and opted for a 7-mile walk to the north of Widecombe in the Moor, nothing too strenuous but taking in a couple of tors and some moorland as well as quiet lanes. Bell Tor is lovely, and
Postal addresses: a little history and a lot of photos by Chris Downer
/article/Postal-address-history-and-photo-album - A photo from each postcode district in the UK, preceded by a look at the history of postal addresses.
Scottish Castles by Oast House Archive
/article/Castles-Scotland - A list of Castles in Scotland
An excursion to the Flannan Isles by Chris Downer
/article/An-excursion-to-the-Flannan-Isles - Some photos I took on a day trip to these remote islands
Usually Submerged, but Revealed Occasionally by Trevor Wright
Eaglesham - the story of an 18th century planned village by Kenneth Mallard
/article/Eaglesham-The-Story-of-a-Planned-Village - A history of Eaglesham. An 18th century planned village and first outstanding conservation area in Scotland.
Meikle Balloch by Anne Burgess
/geotrips/1779 - We set off from the little car park at Herricks to walk widdershins round Meikle Balloch, but after passing the forest quarry we took a road to the left that we had not walked before. It brought us to the summit area, from which we enjoyed the genuinely p
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