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Do you accept multiple images per square?
What is a Supplemental image?
How do I get a Geograph point for my image?
What is Geographing?
What makes a good Geograph?
How do I find which squares need photographing?
I disagree with the location or title of an image - what can I do?
What are my legal rights when taking photographs?
I made a mistake on my submission, how do I change it?
What are TPoints, how do they work?
There's a page I once saw on Geograph, and I can't find it again!
Counties, I'm confused, which do you display?
What do all these strange words mean?
Do you have an RSS feed?
I've seen little thumbs-up symbols around the site, what are they?
I would be interested in using Geograph content, is that possible?
Open source? Creative Commons? What's that all about?
Why must I agree to allow commercial use of my image?
Who built this marvellous site?
I'm concerned about a photo or comment I have seen on the site.
I've had a complaint about one of my pictures. What should I do?
What's the easiest way to find out if any of my photos have featured on "Today's photo" ?
I have licensed a larger size than I intended, what should I do?
Where will I find the unique ID number which you allocate to each photograph?
Where is the link on a grid square browse page to see a centisquare map?
Can I submit a photo taken by someone else e.g. a friend?
How do photographs get into the Galleries? and how then do they get into the 'Highest Rated'?
How do I print photographs directly from Geograph?
What is an ITT?
How do I view EXIF details for a photo on Geograph?
Where can I see how many points I have?
Can new items be added to the subject list?
Can I replace a year old photo with an identical one of better quality?
I entered the wrong date in the "date taken" field before submitting. Can I change it?
Your pictures by year - are these selected on a random basis or is there a reason behind the choices ?
how do I link two photos
what is a thumbed photo?
How long after submission do the purple viewpoint markers appear on the coverage map?
How do I find the use if my photos ,thumbed ,etc
photo of the day
An image is missing, where can I report it?
I've added a question and answer to the FAQ, when will it appear?
How do you cite on geograph co uk


What's the ideal size for an image submitted to Geograph?
I don't understand Grid References - are there any sites to help me?
I've got a photo of an unknown castle (harbour, sheepfold,...) - do you know where it is?
What makes a good Geograph?
What are those little thumbs to the right of the images about?
How are the recent photos on the RH side of main page generated? Is it hamsters or humans?
I'm an artist and would like to use a scene from a geograph in a painting. Is that acceptable?
Does Geograph accept interior photographs?
Can I see a demonstration of the Photo Submission process?
Are there any Geograph specific terminology?
Do I need to resize my photos before upload? Are there size limits?
I'd like to see what the submission process looks like before I try it out. Can you show me?
How can I change the text size, or make the page easier to read?
I have licensed an image larger than I intended, can I remove it?
Portrait images seem to be rotated when I upload them
The search interface seem complicated, where can I find a simple introduction?
Can I use photos in publication?
Can I upload pictures I have inherited from a deceased relative?
What is Geograph's cookie policy?
how can I tell which of my submissions gained a Tpoint
Which squares have the most pictures on Geograph?
How do I write a word in italics for the scientific name of an organism?
Where can I find the reference number of a photo?
How do I delete a photo sent in by error?
How long does a photograph stay pending?
Can I change my name to a pseudonym on a submission ?
How do I: change my password
How do I delete my account? no photos submitted
How do I delete search memory?
How do I save a search to use again?
Could you please tell me where clay pool lane is in camphill nuneaton as it is not showin this on ur maps thank you
How do I send private emails
One of my shots was supplemental, I think should be a geograph.
How do I drag multiple images into the multi-upload tool?
I have just joined the site and wondered if I could upload photos with link to my own website on them
Any rule about cloning out? Should one blurr out faces of people in the photo? What about ugly wires, aerials?
This site is AMAZING. Are there similar sites for the rest of the world?
What does TINAPS mean?
Can I create my own photo collection based on a theme of my choice - if so, how ?
I once had a forgotten location verified by Geograph. Does this facility still exist?
Where do I find 'this day in the past' feature?
Who decides which photos go in the "Gallery" section and on what basis ?
How do I start a new discussion?
Collections on Geograph record the number of visitors to them. Do they record the visits of the collection authors?
I have just had my first ever Cross Grid. Why none before?
One of the photos is not what it claims to be. How can I diplomatically challenge this?
How do I hyperlink a word or words in a Geograph forum to a URL address.
How do I find the location for an image
How can I search just for images with larger sizes?
Does a 'cross-grid' qualify for a T-point? I have noticed at least one cross-grid being awarded.
How can I edit my profile?
When submitting I am getting messages about file sizes above 8 MB. I always submit from my iPad. What can i do about this?
How do I delete a shared description I created in error?
how do I view photos of the day


What the lettuce have hamsters to do with Geograph?
Why do only some photos get a Geograph point?
Is there a table of how many new points I acquire per month?
How can I improve a photo?
Can I see the distribution of pictures within a gridsquare?
Something seems to be broken - where can I report bugs?
How does a viewer/subscriber find the grid squares which have few or no photos?
There are too many steps in the submission process. Can I do it all in one go?
I have an interesting old photograph/postcard, can I submit it to Geograph?
Why can I only get to page 20 of search results?
What are shared descriptions, and how can I add them?
I need to remove a picture I uploaded, is this possible?
Has any of my pictures ever featured as the front page picture?
How are contributions scored in the Photo of the Week \ Year competitions?
What is the Photo of the Week / Year competition?
I have changed my email address. Can I change the existing email address or do I have to reregister?
How do I create links between my pics and between my pics and other pics
How do I put web links, URL's or links to geograph pictures into descriptions?
How do I add a shared description to a submited photo?
Do you accept photos taken beneath a named square, e.g. mines, culverts bunkers etc?
when I click on "search images" a drop down list of names unconnected with Geograph appears, how do I get rid of this feature?


How accurate do I have to locate photos to submit to Geograph?
How do I choose tags for my images?
Why are you introducing Geographical Context?
Is there a way to enter latitude and longitude directly when submitting?
I've got a picture of an insect (plant, pillbox, locomotive...). Can you help identify it for me?
Can I use someone else's text in my description?
How can I take better photos?
Is it possible to get a point for a "supplemental"?
Can I ask for a fee if someone would like to use my images in a publication?
My connection is slow. Can I upload while I'm away and fill in the details later?
Are all photo's taken outside of a grid square "cross-grids"?
By what date should I upload my photo if I want it to be entered in Photo of the Week \ Year competition?
Can I edit my post on the discussion forum?
How can I find out which of my photos have Tpoints?
How do different image editing applications compare?
family snap
How do i close my account?
How do I get a list of my photos as a CSV?
I don't know when photo was taken
How can I retrieve pictures from Geograph to replace those lost from my home computer?
Can I change the category of photos submitted a year or more ago?
What does 'not yet allocated' mean on my profile?
Images from moving vehicles are not encouraged - why not?


I've uploaded a picture, why is the square still green on my personal map?
Where do I find squares where points are available?
I've had a photo made a 'supplemental' - what does that mean?
Is there a way to enter latitude and longitude directly when submitting?
Why have I gained an extra point without uploading a picture?
Can I use a Geograph-er's text along with their pictures?
I've spotted a mistake. What should I do?
Can I subscribe to a square and receive a notification when new photos are added to it?
Can I suggest a photo for the front page of Geograph?
Are images on Geograph automatically uploaded to Google Earth as well?
Can I find out which of my images have been re-used on other websites?


I'm a competitive pub (trigpoint, peacock, door knocker...) collector. Is there a specific leaderboard for me?
How can I show a picture on the forum?
Can I re-use a Geograph article elsewhere? How about copyright?
Can I upload an annotated version of a photograph to point out particular features?
What is the "community showcase"?
Is there a list of all the squares that I got personal points for?
What is a limited company member?
how do I contact a contributor?
Why can select only one image per group in search?

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