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TQ3228 : Haywards Heath Rd
SU5706 : West Street, Fareham (159)
TQ3228 : Gate piers, Balcombe Estate
SJ9541 : Tesco Express, Blythe Bridge
Unmistakably a former pub, this modern convenience store stands on the corner of Uttoxeter Road and Cheadle Road. It was the Duke of Wellington until 2013 when the conversion took place despite some local opposition. Note the squirrel crest which identifies the building as an Ansells House. A more modern feature is the banner imploring people to keep a safe distance as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
TF1613 : Cross Drain at Sixscore Bridge
SX9164 : Testing centre, Torquay coach station
A mobile COVID-19 testing centre has been set up in the coach station.
SO9421 : Urn on Claremont Lodge
Urn in a recess on Claremont Lodge a Grade II* listed Regency house [[6836697]], see:
TQ3228 : South West Lodge
Grade II listed.
SO9421 : Door to Claremont Lodge
Door with a decorative fanlight flanked by Ionic columns. Claremont Lodge [[6836697]] is Grade II* listed, see:
TQ3228 : Stone Hall
Grade I listed.
TQ3228 : Stone Hall Farm
ST7378 : The Monarch's Way leaves the Wapley Road
Just past Codrington, the path takes in some countryside and farm fields. The post has a number of old stickers and could do with some rust-proofing now.
TQ3228 : Stone Hall
Grade I listed.
TQ3229 : Balcombe Place
Grade II* listed.
TQ3229 : Balcombe