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ST3664 : Path leading towards Hippisley's Farm
ST3664 : Path leading towards Hippisley's Farm
SY0081 : A class 150 Sprinter train at Exmouth (150234)
TL4558 : Raja - King Street
For a much earlier view and some background history see [[699127]].
SX9981 : Interior of a Class 150 Sprinter train
Introduced in the mid-1980s for use on regional routes. Now approaching 40 years old and almost all remain in service. These British Rail designed units must therefore be considered to be something of a success story, as they continue to form the backbone of many of the regional services. Although, they are probably not well received when Transport for Wales deploy them on some journeys from South Wales to Manchester via the Marches line. This is unit No. 150234 on a service from Exmouth to Paignton.
TL4558 : Park shed - Christ's Pieces
TL4558 : Park shed - Christ's Pieces
SP8538 : Path to Oldbrook
A feature of Milton Keynes is the network of cycle and pedestrian paths that are designed to avoid major roads. Here a tree-lined path leads down from the bridge under Saxon Street into the Oldbrook area with houses on Boycott Avenue visible ahead.
SY0081 : Marine Way, Exmouth
Viewed from Exmouth station.
SY0081 : The end of the line at Exmouth
Exmouth is the terminus of the line from Exeter.
SY0081 : The York Inn, Exmouth
Christmas decorations.
SY0081 : Wetherspoon pub in Exmouth
'The Powder Monkey' in The Parade.
SJ4006 : Pontesbury
This is the A488, one way at this point through the village.
SX9193 : A Great Western Railway IET at Exeter Central station
An Inter-City Express Train on a service from Cardiff to Penzance.
ST1875 : A Transport for Wales class 197 train at Cardiff Central station
On a service from Carmarthen to Manchester Piccadilly.