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A walk from Tugnet, Wed, 10 Nov 2021 by Anne Burgess

After following the route of the Speyide Way from Tugnet to Portgordon, we intended to return by the beach, but were foiled because the tide was too high for us to cross the Burn of Tynet, so we had to detour back to the Speyside Way before crossing the Spey Bay golf course and following the path alongside the beach to return to Tugnet.

Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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NJ3565 : Spey Bay by Anne Burgess
Spey Bay
The house on the right is Mayfield and on the left is Ard-mhuire.

NJ3764 : Speyside Way by Anne Burgess
Speyside Way
This section of the route between Spey Bay and Buckie follows the old Great North... more

NJ3764 : Undersea Cable Marker by Anne Burgess
Undersea Cable Marker
The lozenge-shaped sign warns ships that there are undersea cables and that they... more

NJ3964 : Boats in Portgordon Harbour by Anne Burgess
Boats in Portgordon Harbour
Sitting on the mud at low tide. The name of the red boat made us both blink in... more

NJ3964 : Community Garden by Anne Burgess
Community Garden
The garden is partly in the shelter of plastic tunnels.

NJ3964 : Community Garden by Anne Burgess
Community Garden
Most of the garden is sheltered in plastic tunnels. The plant in the right... more

NJ3964 : Enzie North Kirk by Anne Burgess
Enzie North Kirk
One of two kirks serving the Presbyterian population of the quoad sacra parish of... more

NJ3964 : Portgordon Hall by Anne Burgess
Portgordon Hall
The hall has the look of a kirk about it, but I have yet to find any indication... more

NJ3964 : Portgordon Bowling Club by Anne Burgess
Portgordon Bowling Club
The access to the club house, behind the sign, and the green, hidden by the hedge.

NJ3964 : 14 Stewart Street ... by Anne Burgess
14 Stewart Street ...
... is no more. Compare with [[[6828444]]] and [[[6732324]]], and watch this space.

NJ3864 : Stick Library by Anne Burgess
Stick Library

NJ3864 : Mouth of the Burn of Tynet by Anne Burgess
Mouth of the Burn of Tynet
Interestingly, the burn is shown on the map as turning west just here, with an... more

NJ3764 : Blocked Burn by Anne Burgess
Blocked Burn
The mouth of this nameless burn has been completely blocked by the pebbles and... more

NJ3764 : Fungi by Anne Burgess
A group of fungi so tightly packed together that the caps are distorted.

NJ3664 : Driftwood by Anne Burgess
A very large tree stump that has been washed up on the shingle bank.

NJ3664 : Dritfwood at Spey Bay by Anne Burgess
Dritfwood at Spey Bay
A large piece of driftwood beside the golf course at Spey Bay. It looks as if... more

All images © Anne Burgess and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.

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