Formatting and Links for use in Discussion Posts

By using the code below in your post, you can help to make your post more concise. Just use the simple codes as detailed below. You can also use the buttons on the page to insert blank codes at the end of your message, ready for you to add in your own text.

The formatting here is only for use in Discussion Posts. These codes do not work in other places, like image descriptions etc. Similarly Articles and blog posts, have their own similar, but not identical, formatting syntax, refer to their own reference for more information.

Text formatting


[b]some text here[/b] shows as some text here (bold)


[i]some text here[/i] shows as some text here (italic)


[u]some  text here[/u] shows as some text here (underlined)


[code]some   text  here[/code] shows as
some   text  here
(maintains white space and uses fixed font)


[blockquote]some text here[/blockquote] shows as
some text here
(indented paragraph)

Including a posters name from the thread

Clicking the name of the contributor beside their post will insert their name into the comment reply box. The contributors name will be inserted with bold formatting [b]Contributors name[/b].

Including a quotation from a post in the thread

Parts of a post can be quoted in a reply by selecting the relevant passage of text and clicking the quote button. The quoted passage will be inserted with italicised formatting [i]Quoted text[/i].

Linking to a specific discussion post

You can get the link for a specific post, by right clicking the # character at the beginning of a post, and selecting 'Copy Link Location' or similar. These links can be inserted using the [url=Insert URL here]Insert link text here[/url] tags.

Image links

Finding the image ID

In order to insert images into posts, you will need to locate the image ID. The image ID is found in the URL (webpage address) for the photo page. For example, to insert a link to the picture at:

use [[5463]].

Other Geograph projects images can be used, with the image ID numbers prefixed with the shortcode for the project.

  • For Germany use DE: before the image ID, for example de:1 would link to image 1 on Geograph Germany.
  • For the Channel Islands use CI: before the image ID, for example ci:1 would link to image 1 on Geograph Channel Islands.

Image link

[[5463]] shows as {TQ3328 : Ardingly Reservoir}

Other Geograph project examples: [[ci:1]] or [[de:1]]


[[[5463]]] shows as TQ3328 : Ardingly Reservoir

Other Geograph project examples: [[[ci:1]]] or [[[de:1]]]

Large thumbnail and caption

[image id=5463] shows as
Sailing club at the southern end of the reservoir
by Ben Gamble

Other Geograph project examples: [[[image id=ci:1]]] or [[[image id=de:1]]]

Large thumbnail and custom description

[image id=5463 text=This is an example of a custom description.] shows as
This is an example of a custom description.

Grid reference links

Link to Browse page for a Square

[[TQ7506]] shows as TQ7506 (link to the browse page)

Text that looks like a Grid Reference in Discussion Post are identified and automatically formatted when posted to include the link formatting above.
To stop text that looks like a grid reference being converted, prefix the text with a !.

For example !B4567 won't be linked but B4567 would. The ! mark is not shown on the final page.
The automatic grid reference matching only applies where the text part of the grid reference is in uppercase.

Drive along the !B4567 road. shows as Drive along the B4567 road.

Inserting a webpage link

Pasting a URL into a post will result in the URL automatically being formatted as a link once posted. shows as

Turning text into a webpage link

[url=]Some text[/url] shows as Some text

Email Address

[]contact me[/email] shows as contact me

Inserting images

Inserting images into posts

External images can be inserted into discussion posts using the code below. You may wish to upload images to the Geograph Media Server in order to do this.

[img][/img] shows as

Aligning images

[imgleft][/img] will left align the image in the flow of text.
[imgright][/img] will right align the image in the flow of text.

Note: images over 640px wide will be reduced in size for display purposes.

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