Project Credits

Here are all the people and technologies that make this site possible...

Original Idea




Mapping & Location Data

Reverse Geocoding Gazetter

We have compiled an agorithm to show a 'near to' place, to help provide context when viewing a photo. Compiled with with a range of Gazetteer Products


Supporting Functionality

The following support Geograph in various functions:

NOTE: use of these features does not imply endorsement by the host organizations


This project relies on the following open-source technologies:

PHPExternal link SmartyExternal link adodbExternal link MySQLExternal link powered by SphinxExternal link

We also run geograph images though various algorithms, including Carrot2 Clustering EngineExternal link, and Cloud Vision APIExternal link.

In addition uses:
   Linux (UbuntuExternal link), link, memcachedExternal link, redisExternal link, muninExternal link, nfsExternal link, haproxyExternal link, varnishExternal link, and m/monitExternal link.
to deliver a high performance website - but are not required to run the Geograph codebase.

Code Libaries

We have reused code from following open-source projects:

Without all of the above this site wouldn't be possible, thanks to everyone involved!

We also strive to adhere to the following standards:

XHTMLExternal link CSSExternal link Bobby WorldWide Approved 508External link
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