The Geograph Search Engine - now keyword powered

We have recently introduced a new search system to Geograph. This is powered by an indexing system designed especially for text searching. This is a drastic change compared to the old search, which, though it could do text searches, was kinda clunky.

Alert There is a better introduction to the new search here: Searching on Geograph and Word Searching

However, the legacy search engine was powerful in the options offered on the advanced search form, allowing you to refine the query quite a bit. For this reason the legacy search is still available, but where your search can be fulfilled by the new index you will be automatically redirected to the new search.

Hopefully new users finding our search for the first time, should just find the new search works as is, and shouldn't have to worry about the clunky old system. If you are a returning user please take a moment to forget the old search system.

We are still refining this integration, and aim to make the transition as smooth as possible, but we welcome feedback!

I have a question, what should I do?

Please Contact Us, alternatively pop into the Discussion Forum.

Enter multiple keywords separated by spaces, in any order:

The new engine can also apply filters just by entering prefixes directly in the search box, below are some examples of supported fields:

In addition can combine these features and even specify phrases:

Also boolean queries are supported (includes partial support for phrases and fields):

All keywords are not case sensitive!

You can find the reference for the old query style here.

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