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About 2,098 photos within 10km of NY0117508742
Within 0.3 km
NY0108 : Thornhill. by John Holmes
Within 0.6 km
NY0108 : A595 towards Thornhill by JThomas
NY0108 : View to sea from A595 by Alex McGregor
NY0108 : Crop field near Thornhill by JThomas
NY0108 : Millennium Milepost on National Cycle Route 72 by David P Howard
NY0108 : A595 with Sellafield in the distance by Alex McGregor
NY0108 : Old railway bridge piers by David P Howard
Within 1.0 km
NY0008 : Kersey Bridge over the River Ehen by David P Howard
NY0008 : River Ehen, below Thornhill by Nigel Monckton
NY0008 : Kersey Bridge, River Ehen by John Lord
NY0109 : Welcome to Egremont by JThomas
NY0008 : Rothersyke Farm, St Bees by John Lord
NY0008 : Rothersyke Farm, nr Beckermet by John Lord
NY0107 : Road chippings storage area on Moras Road Beckermet by Steve  Fareham
NY0109 : Fields near Egremont by JThomas
Within 2 km
NY0009 : Approaching Egremont. by John Holmes
NY0107 : The Old Vicarage by John Holmes
NY0109 : A595 approaching St Thomas' Cross Roundabout, Egremont by JThomas
NY0109 : Track to Carleton by Bob Jenkins
NY0107 : A595 towards Egremont by JThomas
NY0209 : Road to Winscales by David Brown
NX9908 : Fields south of B5345 near Middletown by David P Howard
NY0107 : Village sign for Beckermet. by John Holmes
NY0109 : Road Liable to Subsidence by Bob Jenkins
NY0208 : Disused Iron Ore Mine Buildings by Bob Jenkins
NX9908 : Grass Road towards Snellings Mire by David P Howard
NX9909 : Black Ling. by John Holmes
NY0110 : Florence Mine Egremont by Peter Eckersley
NY0209 : Entrance to old Mine by Bob Jenkins
NY0110 : Tollhouse by Milestone Society
NY0110 : Florence Mine - fan by Chris Allen
NY0110 : Florence Mine - fan by Chris Allen
NY0110 : Florence Mine - Fan by Ashley Dace
NY0110 : Florence Mine - Fan house by Ashley Dace
NY0110 : Florence mine by Helen Wilkinson
NY0110 : Florence Mine (closed) by Ashley Dace
NY0110 : The Florence Mine in May 2013 by Keith Burns
NY0110 : Florence Mine, Egremont by Chris Allen
NY0110 : Florence Mine, Egremont by Chris Allen
NY0110 : Florence Mine, Egremont by Chris Allen
NY0110 : Florence Iron Mine (Closed) by Ashley Dace
NY0110 : Florence Mine (disused) by Chris Allen
NY0110 : Florence Mine, Egremont by Chris Allen
NY0007 : Middle Ehenside, nr Beckermet by Nigel Monckton
NY0207 : A595, Yeorton Brow by JThomas
NY0010 : Egremont Castle by Roger May
NY0010 : Egremont Castle Gateway from the inside of the castle by Humphrey Bolton
NY0010 : Egremont Castle by G Laird
NY0207 : Footpath to Haile by JThomas
NY0010 : Egremont Ruins by Roger May

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