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About 5,884 photos within 10km of NY531298
Within 0.3 km
NY5329 : In traffic on the A686 by Rob Purvis
NY5329 : Entering Carleton on A686 by John Firth
NY5229 : Victorian wall postbox at Carleton Village by Tiger
NY5229 : The Cross Keys public house, Carleton Avenue by Roger Templeman
NY5229 : Benchmark on boulder embedded in wall of The Cross Keys by Roger Templeman
NY5329 : Minor road on north side of Carleton Hall Farm by Roger Templeman
NY5329 : Field with sheep at Carleton by Oliver Dixon
NY5329 : Old Milepost by the former A66, Carleton Road, West of Frenchfield, Penrith Parish by Terry Moore
NY5329 : Old Milepost by the former A66, Carleton, Penrith by CF Smith
NY5329 : Dry stone wall on NE side of road at Carleton Brow by Luke Shaw
NY5329 : A686 approaching houses at Carleton by John Firth
NY5329 : Benchmark on roadside dry stone wall at Carleton Brow by Luke Shaw
NY5229 : Carleton Road, Penrith by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.6 km
NY5329 : Pasture, Carleton by Andrew Smith
NY5329 : Gateway from A686 at development site by Luke Shaw
NY5329 : Entrance to Carletonhill from A686 by Roger Templeman
NY5229 : The A66 south of Penrith by Neil Theasby
NY5329 : The A686, Penrith by Andrew Smith
NY5330 : Public Footpath to Scaws and Beacon Edge by Chris Upson
NY5329 : Entrance drive to Hunter Hall School from Carleton Road by Luke Shaw
NY5329 : Old and new main roads at Carleton by Oliver Dixon
NY5229 : Local flooding near Penrith by N Chadwick
NY5329 : Stream and pasture, Carleton by Andrew Smith
NY5329 : Brougham Castle by Pam Brophy
NY5329 : View of fields on south side of A686 east of Carleton by Roger Templeman
NY5229 : Carleton Road at Winter's Park by Roger Templeman
NY5329 : A layby on the A66 near Penrith by Andrew Abbott
Within 1.0 km
NY5329 : A686 east of Carleton by Roger Templeman
NY5229 : Weir on the River Eden by John H Darch
NY5329 : Barrier at Brougham by Oliver Dixon
NY5330 : New housing in Penrith by Trevor Littlewood
NY5229 : Carleton Hall (Police HQ) by N Chadwick
NY5229 : Penrith: aerial 2016 by Chris
NY5229 : Carleton Hall. by John Holmes
NY5330 : Horses at Carleton Hill by Oliver Dixon
NY5330 : Pasture, Penrith by Andrew Smith
NY5329 : The confluence of the Rivers Eamont and Lowther by Russel Wills
NY5329 : Brougham Castle by Ian Taylor
NY5329 : Large House on the banks or the River Eamont by PAUL FARMER
NY5329 : River Eamont at Brougham Castle, Cumbria by Simon Ledingham
NY5329 : Benchmark on outbuilding at Brougham Mill by Luke Shaw
NY5330 : View of fields on south side of Beacon Edge at Stagstones Road junction by Roger Templeman
NY5330 : Fields near Penrith by Maigheach-gheal
NY5329 : Toll Bar Cottage by Luke Shaw
NY5329 : Tollhouse by Milestone Society
NY5329 : Outbuilding at Brougham Mill by Luke Shaw
NY5329 : Confluence of Rivers Eamont and Lowther near Brougham Castle by David Dixon
NY5329 : A66 crossing the River Eamont by Colin Pyle
NY5329 : The old A66, Carleton, Penrith by Humphrey Bolton
NY5329 : View from Brougham Castle Keep by David Dixon

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