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SS6613 : A road junction between Cole's Corner and Bridge Reeve Cross by Roger A Smith
SS6612 : Countryside near Bridge Reeve by Derek Harper
SS6713 : A377 towards the Dart Bridge by J.Hannan-Briggs
SS6612 : Lane to Bridge Reeve by Derek Harper
SS6613 : River Taw at Bridge Reeve by Dylan Inglis
SS6613 : Bridge Reeve Cross signpost by David Smith
SS6712 : View North over River Taw by Dave D
SS6713 : A377 near Rashleigh by David Smith
SS6514 : Sheep near Hansford Plantation by Derek Harper
SS6712 : Cider Orchard by Dave D
SS6613 : Field at Leigh Cross by David Smith
SS6512 : Lane near Kennydown Farm by Derek Harper
SS6712 : Saul's Bridge near Saul's Farm by David Smith
SS6514 : Lane to Hansford Cross by Derek Harper
SS6611 : Path to the kennels by Derek Harper
SS6611 : The boundary of Wembworthy centre by David Smith
SS6712 : Ford Farm by Dave D
SS6513 : Sheep in a field above Bridge Wood by Philip Halling
SS6614 : River Taw Valley by Philip Halling
SS6514 : Sapling trees, Hansford by Philip Halling
SS6611 : Footpath into Labdon Brake by David Smith
SS6512 : Torridge : Chicken Coups by Lewis Clarke
SS6613 : Kersham Bridge on the river Taw as seen from downstream by Roger A Smith
SS6512 : Daffodils in the Hollocombe valley by Philip Halling
SS6611 : Footpath at Heywood by Derek Harper
SS6613 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket S5172 by Peter Wood
SS6513 : Roadside tree shadows near Calleymoor Copse by Derek Harper
SS6514 : Spider's web, Bourne by Derek Harper
SS6513 : Webby gate by Derek Harper
SS6611 : Old farm machinery at Labdon by Philip Halling
SS6712 : Chulmleigh by Dave D
SS6611 : Lady's smock, Heywood by Derek Harper
SS6612 : Labdon Lane by Derek Harper
SS6613 : Thatched building near Little Rashleigh by David Smith
SS6713 : Maize and barn in the mist by Derek Harper
SS6613 : Looking up the Little Dart River from Dart Bridge by Roger A Smith
SS6613 : The River Taw at Little Dart Pool by Roger A Smith
SS6712 : Rashleigh Lane from Crossgate by David Smith
SS6513 : Country near Copy Lake by Philip Halling
SS6612 : Gosse's Farm in the Taw valley by Philip Halling
SS6713 : The Tarka Line towards Barnstaple by Sarah Charlesworth
SS6514 : Frosty field by Hansford Wood by Derek Harper
SS6611 : The pond, Wembworthy County Education Centre, Devon by nick macneill
SS6512 : Sheep near Kennydown Farm by Derek Harper
SS6614 : Parkland at Colleton Barton by Derek Harper
SS6611 : Woodland footpath by Dave D
SS6512 : Mid Devon : Grassy Field & Sheep by Lewis Clarke
SS6613 : Old Toll House by Milestone Society
SS6712 : Rashleigh Lane by Derek Harper
SS6712 : Crossgate crossroads and phone mast by David Smith
SS6613 : Wembworthy: cottage for auction by Martin Bodman

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