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TQ3382 : Truman's black eagle in Brick Lane by Natasha Ceridwen de Chroustchoff
SE0541 : #11 Eagle Street by Roger Templeman
TM3877 : Black Eagle Court, Chediston Street by Basher Eyre
TQ3381 : Truman Black Eagle Brewery, Hanbury Street by John Goodall
TQ3381 : Truman Brewery, Brick Lane by Derek Harper
TQ3382 : Spitalfields: Buxton Street, E1 & the former Truman Brewery by Nigel Cox
SP0687 : 10th Anniversary Meetup of Geographers at the Jewellers Arms, Birmingham by A. Nonie
SP0786 : The Eagle & Tun (2) - sign, 52-54 Banbury Street, Digbeth, Birmingham by P L Chadwick
SJ3350 : Eagles Meadow from Temple Row/Rhes y Deml by John S Turner
J3373 : Former Eagle Star House, Belfast by Albert Bridge
SX9292 : An old eagle by Neil Owen
SJ4066 : Chester Cross and Eastgate Street by John S Turner
TM1644 : Ipswich St Mary at Quay by Adrian S Pye
SE5864 : Sutton on the Forest War Memorial by Alf Beard

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