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SN4562 : The painter and his dog, Aberaeron by Dave Croker
SN4562 : The Harbourmaster Hotel, Aberaeron by Dave Croker
SN4563 : Coloured Houses of West Wales (5) by Nigel Mykura
SN4462 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket G2985 by Peter Wood
SN4361 : Holiday complex at Gilfach-yr-Halen by John Lucas
SN4461 : On the Wales Coastal Path by John Lucas
SN4562 : Aberaeron Harbour in 2000 by peter robinson
SN4763 : Aberarth by John Lucas
SN4764 : Aberarth by John Lucas
SN4663 : Milestone beside the A487T by John Lucas
SN4763 : Fields by Trewylan by Nigel Brown
SN4562 : North Road, Aberaeron by M J Roscoe
SN4760 : Llanerchaeron by Eirian Evans
SN4562 : Yacht Club off Beach Parade by Jo Turner
SN4760 : The main entrance door, Llanerchaeron by Jeremy Bolwell
SN4760 : Eglwys St. Non, Llanerchaeron by Jeremy Bolwell
SN4663 : Part of the Ceredigion coast near Aberarth by Jeremy Bolwell
SN4361 : Gilfach-yr -Halen by Ian Medcalf
SN4562 : Some of the back gardens of Aberaeron by Jeremy Bolwell
SN4763 : Heading North on the A487 leaving Aberaeron by Steve  Fareham
SN4461 : St David's Church at Hen Fynwy by Deborah Tilley
SN4661 : Interestingly gothic cottage by Neil Parker
SN4462 : A footbridge over a minor waterway by John Lucas
SN4562 : Aberaeron Harbour by Stephen McKay
SN4562 : Aberaeron Harbour by Stephen McKay
SN4760 : Entrance to service courtyard, Llanerchaeron Villa by M J Roscoe
SN4562 : The harbour at Aberaeron, Ceredigion by Roger  Kidd
SN4660 : An open straight bit of the Aberaeron to Lampeter Trail by Eirian Evans
SN4461 : The A487 in Henfynyw by Nigel Brown
SN4562 : Housing and church in Aberaeron, Ceredigion by Roger  Kidd
SN4760 : Llanerchaeron by Stephen McKay
SN4763 : Footpaths by Nigel Brown
SN4661 : On the path back to Aberaeron by Eirian Evans
SN4562 : Oxford St Aberaeron by Nigel Mykura
SN4360 : A minor road climbs away from Gilfach-yr-Halen by John Lucas
SN4460 : Chapel by Cered
SN4361 : Stile on the coast path at Cwm Cilfforch by Jeremy Bolwell
SN4562 : Flush Bracket G2986, Aberaeron by Maigheach-gheal
SN4660 : Track to Hengeraint by Bob Jones
SN4763 : Llanddewi Aberarth by Jeremy Bolwell
SN4763 : Ceredigion coastal farming near Aberarth by Roger  Kidd
SN4460 : Ffos-y-ffîn by Anthony Parkes
SN4763 : Neuadd Llanddewi Aberarth Hall by Eirian Evans
SN4563 : Housing north of Aberaeron Harbour, Ceredigion by Roger  Kidd
SN4763 : Lay-by on A487T by John Lucas
SN4361 : Distant view of the Gilfach Holiday Village by John Baker
SN4760 : Rear courtyard to Llanerchaeron by Carol Rose
SN4563 : North Beach, Aberaeron by Stephen McKay
SN4361 : View into Cwm Cilfforch by John Light
SN4760 : St. Non's church and churchyard, Llanerchaeron by Nigel Brown
SN4562 : Aberaeron Harbour by Michael Parry
SN4361 : Gilfach-yr-Halen by Cered
SN4662 : Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron by Cered
SN4562 : Aberayron station by Ben Brooksbank
SN4562 : Aberaeron Harbour by Jeremy Owen
SN4562 : Welsh Cob statue, Aberaeron by Jeremy Bolwell
SN4760 : Mock up of Llanerchayron Station near Llanerchaeron by Jeremy Bolwell

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