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SH3468 : Sheltering from the Cold North Wind by Stephen Elwyn RODDICK
SH3368 : Ynys Cwyfan island from Traeth Cwyfan beach by Eric Jones
SH3369 : View northwards towards Plas Llangwyfan Farm by Eric Jones
SH3567 : Rock Pool in Bae Aberffraw by Jeff Buck
SH3568 : Beach alongside Afon Ffraw by Eric Jones
SH3467 : Porth Terfyn by Chris Andrews
SH3369 : Main entrance to the Anglesey Motor Racing Circuit by Eric Jones
SH3468 : Aberffraw Sunset by Jeff Buck
SH3368 : Saint Cwyfans church by bigt
SH3367 : View towards Carreg-y-trai reef by Eric Jones
SH3368 : Field boundary and kissing gate west of the stream by Eric Jones
SH3468 : A track near to Aberffraw by David Purchase
SH3369 : Llangwyfan-isaf by Eric Jones
SH3468 : The road from Porth Cwyfan to Aberffraw near Bryntirion Wyn Cottage by Eric Jones
SH3670 : Anglesey farmland by Phil Williams
SH3567 : Traeth Mawr (Aberffraw Sands) by Jeff Buck
SH3368 : An Isolated Celtic Church. by Stephen Elwyn RODDICK
SH3368 : Porth China from the churchyard by Eric Jones
SH3568 : Painted in the national colours - a boat beached on the west bank of Afon Ffraw by Eric Jones
SH3667 : Cattle grazing on Cwningar Trefri warren by Eric Jones
SH3368 : Yr Allor/ The Altar, Eglwys St Cwyfan Church by Eric Jones
SH3566 : Anglesey's rocky coastline by Ian Warburton
SH3467 : Coastal scenery on the west side of Porth Terfyn by Eric Jones
SH3568 : Capel Seion and the former manse from the opposite bank of Afon Ffraw by Eric Jones
SH3667 : Treberfedd and Tynewydd by Chris Andrews
SH3369 : Plas Llangwyfan Farm by James Allan
SH3367 : Old windlass at Porth Haels by Gordon Hatton
SH3669 : Sand dunes at Tywyn Aberffraw by Eric Jones
SH3369 : Housing at Llangwyfan by Chris Andrews
SH3568 : The Afon Ffraw at Aberffraw by Jeff Buck
SH3666 : Trefri farmhouse emerges from the sea mist by Eric Jones
SH3369 : Motor Rallying at  Anglesey Race Circuit (Ty Croes) by IB
SH3570 : Cropland north of Tyddyn-bach by Eric Jones
SH3367 : Braich Lwyd & Carreg y Trai by Bryn Roberts
SH3568 : Yr Hen Bont, Aberffraw by Eric Jones
SH3666 : Looking across to Dinas Trefri and Dinas Bach by Ian Warburton
SH3468 : Footpath to Penrhyn-du by Jeff Buck
SH3669 : Sandman Triathlon 2016 by Jonathan Wilkins
SH3369 : Sheep near Plas Llangwyfan by Eric Jones
SH3467 : Porth Terfyn from the Wales Coast Path by Jeff Buck
SH3666 : Rock in Porth Cae Ceffylau at low tide by Fiona Macdonald
SH3368 : Paddock at the Anglesey circuit by Philip Jeffrey
SH3468 : Trig Point,  Allt Fawr by Chris Heaton
SH3569 : Bridge over the Afon Ffraw by Chris Heaton
SH3368 : Isthmus to St. Cwyfanâs Chapel by Chris Downer
SH3568 : Approaching nightfall on Afon Ffraw by Eric Jones
SH3569 : Minor road running North-Eastwards towards Bwlan Farm by Eric Jones
SH3268 : Abbotts bend on the Anglesey circuit by Nigel Williams
SH3567 : Bae Aberffraw Bay by Eric Jones
SH3367 : Beach east of Braich-lwyd point by Eric Jones
SH3567 : Aberffraw sand dunes, Anglesey by David Rayner
SH3568 : St. Beuno's Church, Aberffraw by Phil Williams
SH3368 : Eglwys Cwyfan Sant by Eric Jones
SH3568 : Pont Aberffraw, Aberffraw, Anglesey. by Stephen Elwyn RODDICK
SH3368 : St Cwyfan's Church (eglwys fach y môr) on Cribinau by Jeff Buck

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