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NT9510 : Rocks at Flint Crag below St David's Cairn by Andrew Curtis
NT9610 : Approaching Hazletonrig Burn by Dave Dunford
NT9911 : Northfieldhead Plantation by Andrew Curtis
NT9612 : Road over the shoulder of High Knowes by Russel Wills
NT9911 : Pond just north of Alnham Church by Andrew Curtis
NU0011 : Ruined wall south of Prendwick by Andrew Curtis
NT9811 : Salter's Road near Pennylaws South Plantation by Andrew Curtis
NT9811 : Salter's Road climbing Northfieldhead Hill by Andrew Curtis
NT9611 : Waterfall on Spartley Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9810 : The young River Aln by Bill Boaden
NT9910 : Pennylaws Farm, Alnham by Andrew Curtis
NT9710 : Sheep pasture above Hazeltonrig by Andrew Curtis
NT9912 : Plantation east of Hart Law by Andrew Curtis
NT9612 : The Shepherds Memorial Cairn by Andrew Curtis
NT9812 : Hart Law by Geoff Holland
NU0011 : Road junction between Alnham and Prendwick by Andrew Curtis
NT9710 : Looking into the centre of Castle Hill hillfort  by Russel Wills
NT9612 : Rough road to Ewartly Shank by Gordon Hatton
NT9811 : View from Northfieldhead Hill by Andrew Curtis
NT9910 : Interior of St Michael and All Angels Church, Alnham by Russel Wills
NT9810 : Hazeltonrig Plantation from the north by Andrew Curtis
NT9610 : Sheepfold above Hazeltonrig Burn by Kenneth   Ross
NT9910 : Site of Alnham Castle by Andrew Curtis
NT9913 : Farm Equipment on Ewe Hill by Geoff Holland
NT9810 : Pond in Hazeltonrig Plantation by Andrew Curtis
NU0011 : River Aln east of Alnham by Andrew Curtis
NT9612 : Upper reaches of Pigdon's Syke by Andrew Curtis
NT9610 : Round cairn between Hazeltonrig Burn and Harden Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9813 : Sheepfold near to Leafield Edge by Trevor Littlewood
NU0010 : Blackchester Hill by Rude Health
NT9810 : Hairpin bend on road west of Alnham by Andrew Curtis
NT9711 : Spartley Burn by Peter McDermott
NU0112 : Grassland, Great Ryle by Richard Webb
NT9510 : Boggy moorland by the upper Hazeltonrig Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9810 : Track leading down to Hazeltonrig, Cheviots by Colin Park
NT9711 : Footpath to Castle Hill by Gordon Hatton
NT9813 : Rough grazing at Dry Dean by Walter Baxter
NU0013 : Boundary fence near Lumsden Hill by Geoff Holland
NT9611 : Tod Stones? by Dave Dunford
NT9612 : Track to Hogdon Law by Russel Wills
NT9910 : Field east of Alnham Castle by Andrew Curtis
NU0111 : Post natal ward for ewes and their lambs by Russel Wills
NT9810 : Spartley Burn Bridge by John Watson
NU0011 : Road junction near Alnham by Oliver Dixon
NT9610 : Footpath towards Bleak Law by Les Hull
NT9712 : The road from Ewartly Shank to Alnham by Russel Wills
NT9813 : Public footpath at Dry Dean by Walter Baxter
NT9610 : Remains of buildings north of Hazeltonrig Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9811 : Northfieldhead by Andrew Curtis
NU0012 : A muddy byway by Russel Wills
NT9812 : Salters Road in the Cheviot Hills by Ed Jennings
NT9611 : Pigdon's Leap at Pigdons Sike by Kenneth   Ross
NT9910 : Lytchgate at Alnham Church by Kenneth   Ross
NT9612 : The Shepherd's Memorial Cairn by Walter Baxter
NT9910 : Alnham Church, Alnham by Kenneth   Ross
NT9810 : The old farm buildings at Hazeltonrig by Andrew Curtis
NT9612 : View towards Ewartly Shank by Dave Dunford
NT9711 : 'Grey Yade of Coppath' near Alnham by Andrew Curtis

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