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NY3804 : Former Kelsick School, Stockghyll Lane, Ambleside, Cumbria by James Harrison
NY3802 : Low Wood Marina and Water Sports Centre by David Dixon
NY3902 : Hundreds Road by Bill Boaden
NY3702 : Rocky islet near Holme Crag by Ian Cunliffe
NY3606 : Rydal Hall from its Garden by Michael Steele
NY3603 : Clappersgate houses [3] by Michael Dibb
NY3802 : Woodland path by Hol Beck by Karl and Ali
NY3603 : Brathay: parish church of the Holy Trinity by Chris Downer
NY3802 : Looking down from Skelghyll Woods by DS Pugh
NY3702 : Windermere, Waterhead by David Dixon
NY3703 : Windermere from Borrans Park, Ambleside... by Keith Salvesen
NY3506 : Rydal Water from Nab Scar by Ian Taylor
NY3803 : Path to Blue Hill Woods by Peter Holmes
NY3606 : Rydal Mount, Cumbria by Marion Dutcher
NY3705 : Scandale Beck by Les Hull
NY3903 : Above The Hundreds Road by Michael Graham
NY3802 : Canoeing on Windermere by Bill Boaden
NY3604 : Miller Brow by Anthony Foster
NY3603 : Un-named Tarn on Loughrigg Fell by Anthony Foster
NY3802 : A walk over Wansfell Pike [68] by Michael Dibb
NY3902 : Heald Lane cows by norman griffin
NY3902 : View from Hundreds Road by Graham Horn
NY3603 : River Brathay by David Dixon
NY3606 : Rydal Hall by Andrew Curtis
NY3902 : Hundreds Road by David Brown
NY3606 : River Rothay by David Dixon
NY3705 : Windermere (lake) and Latterbarrow from Sweden Bridge Lane by Peter S
NY3702 : Holme Crag by Brian Clift
NY3606 : Ascending Nab Scar by Michael Graham
NY3505 : A walk around Rydal Water [13] by Michael Dibb
NY3902 : Hole in the Wall, High Skelghyll by Peter Trimming
NY3703 : Dolphin Fountain at entrance to  Hayes Garden Centre Ambleside by Jennifer Petrie
NY3705 : Trees above Low Sweden Bridge by DS Pugh
NY3602 : New footpath beside the B5286 by David Purchase
NY3602 : Permissive Path in Pull Garth Wood by Chris Heaton
NY3504 : Loughrigg Fell by Anthony Foster
NY3502 : Small tarn at Holmeshead Farm by Karl and Ali
NY3906 : Kirkstone Pass - 1957 by M J Richardson
NY3902 : Entrance to Briery Close by Alexander P Kapp
NY3804 : Fairfield Horseshoe from Wansfell by DS Pugh
NY3703 : Ambleside buildings [25] by Michael Dibb
NY3704 : Former Police Station, Ambleside by Kenneth  Allen
NY3802 : Low Wood Hotel by David Dixon
NY3902 : Path to Low Skelghyll, Near Town End by Peter Trimming
NY3606 : The formal gardens at Rydal Hall by pam fray
NY3504 : Stepping stones near Ivy Crag by Raymond Knapman
NY3505 : Rydal caves by Mike Pennington
NY3504 : Path near Seat by DS Pugh
NY3802 : Jenkin Crag by norman griffin
NY3606 : Rydal Beck by Alexander P Kapp
NY3506 : Rydal Cave and Loughrigg Fell From Nab Scar by Christine Hasman
NY3605 : Stepping Stones, River Rothay by Chris Heaton
NY3704 : Bridge House: Ambleside (NT) by Pam Brophy
NY3703 : Ambleside Youth Hostel by Mark Rainsbury
NY3605 : Car park near Pelter Bridge by Nigel Davies
NY3603 : Brathay Hall by John Lomas
NY3703 : Row Boats for hire at Waterhead by Adie Jackson
NY3804 : Stockghyll Falls by Ian Adams

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