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NT6426 : Junction  of  minor  country  lanes by Martin Dawes
NT6224 : A symbolic stone in the kirkyard of Old Ancrum Kirk by James Denham
NT6424 : Craft Centre at Harestanes by M J Richardson
NT6026 : Cottages stand at the entrance to Palacehill Farm by James Denham
NT6326 : Baron's Folly by Philip Halling
NT6224 : Pack Bridge over the Ale Water, Kirklands by Iain Lees
NT6025 : Old Milestone by Milestone Society
NT6424 : Monteviot House Gardens by Walter Baxter
NT6324 : Coronation seat by Ancrum by Walter Baxter
NT6126 : A lion sculpture at the Monteath Mausoleum by Walter Baxter
NT6126 : Inside the Monteath Mausoleum on Gersit Law by Walter Baxter
NT6024 : Farm road leading to Hopton Farm by Oliver Dixon
NT6426 : Over  field  to  Folly  Loch by Martin Dawes
NT6226 : St Cuthbert's Way near Harrietsfield by Jim Barton
NT6224 : Ancrum Village by Walter Baxter
NT6423 : Junction of the A68 and A698 by James Denham
NT6327 : Woods and farmlands north of Down Law by James Denham
NT6023 : Looking towards Broom Covert by James Denham
NT6223 : River Teviot by Richard Webb
NT6424 : Road to Harestanes Woodland Centre. by James Denham
NT6326 : Sheep grazing near Harrietsfield by Jim Barton
NT6126 : Radio transmitter near Gersit Law by Walter Baxter
NT6227 : Edge of Muirhouselaw Plantation by Richard Webb
NT6026 : Lane, Palace Hill by Richard Webb
NT6224 : Ancrum village green by Kevin Rae
NT6224 : Fieldside lane to Ancrum by Jim Barton
NT6427 : Looking back to houses and the fork in the road by James Denham
NT6426 : Recently cultivated field north of Peniel Heugh by Trevor Littlewood
NT6226 : Planting potatoes below Baron's Folly by Phil Catterall
NT6323 : Looking south over the Ancrum Old Bridge by Iain Lees
NT6124 : Track leading to Hopton Farm. by James Denham
NT6426 : Stubble by Richard Webb
NT6226 : Stubble, Ancrum Moor by Richard Webb
NT6424 : Orientation marker, Harestanes Visitor Centre by Jim Barton
NT6224 : Ancrum Old Parish Church by Iain Lees
NT6026 : Palacehill Farm by Walter Baxter
NT6224 : Ancrum Ford by John Walton
NT6227 : Ready To Plough Another Five Furrows by James T M Towill
NT6425 : Minor  road  passing  through  woodland by Martin Dawes
NT6325 : Rapeseed field at Howden by Walter Baxter
NT6223 : New poles by Richard Webb
NT5923 : Tractor at work, Chesters Craig by Oliver Dixon
NT6426 : Entrance gate to a woodland track near the Waterloo Monument by James Denham
NT6023 : Field of stubble above Chesters Glen by Oliver Dixon
NT6326 : View towards the Eildon Hills by Les Hull
NT6324 : Dryad's Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) by Walter Baxter
NT6026 : Cattle feeding station by Walter Baxter
NT6324 : Site of old mill, Ancrum by Jim Barton
NT6023 : Young crop near Broom Covert by James Denham
NT6326 : On St Cuthbert's Way - view NW along route at Harrietsfield by Colin Park
NT6227 : Claas Challenger 75E and Lemken Zirkon Power Harrow by James T M Towill
NT6126 : The Monteath Mausoleum on Gersit Law by Walter Baxter
NT6424 : Monteviot House by Kevin Rae
NT6123 : A pint glass outline in a barley field at Ancrum by Walter Baxter
NT6225 : A Scots Pine by a field boundary by Walter Baxter
NT6126 : Inside the Monteath Mausoleum by Walter Baxter
NT6426 : Baron's Folly Pond by Walter Baxter

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