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NY6819 : Tollhouse by Milestone Society
NY6820 : Railway bridge SAC237 by Roger Templeman
NY6820 : Clifford Street, Appleby by Stephen Craven
NY6822 : Clickham Farmhouse by Roger Templeman
NY6818 : Looking across the River Eden towards the Pennines by Paul Harris
NY6621 : Barn at Crackenthorpe by Bob Jenkins
NY6820 : Butcher's shop, Boroughgate, Appleby in Westmorland by Andrew Curtis
NY6820 : St Lawrence, Appleby: nave by Stephen Craven
NY6922 : Bridge over Murton Beck by Christine Johnstone
NY6618 : Big Clinch wood by David Brown
NY6820 : Boroughgate, Appleby-in-Westmorland by John Lord
NY6921 : Public footpath to Hungriggs by Christine Johnstone
NY6919 : East end of parapet of bridge for B6542 over former railway by Roger Templeman
NY6721 : Settle to Carlisle Railway by David Brown
NY6719 : Across the fields towards Bandley by David Brown
NY6822 : Lime Lane by Chris Heaton
NY6721 : Pick-up goods near Appleby by Albert Bridge
NY6719 : Cows and calves in a pasture field by Christine Johnstone
NY6820 : Boroughgate, Appleby in Westmorland by Andrew Curtis
NY6919 : A66, westbound by N Chadwick
NY7022 : Track into Flakebridge Wood passing water supply pillar by Roger Templeman
NY6918 : Farmland, Lowfield by JThomas
NY7022 : Looking towards the bridge at Flakebridge by Christine Johnstone
NY6820 : Appleby Castle: driveway by Stephen Craven
NY6621 : Converted barn at Crackenthorpe by Jonathan Thacker
NY6818 : Facilities at Burrells junction by Stephen Craven
NY6722 : Appleby Horse Fair 2007 Gypsy Caravans & Horses by slippy
NY6820 : Police Station, The Sands, Appleby by Andrew Curtis
NY6620 : How fish get through the pipe bridge over Colby Beck by Christine Johnstone
NY6819 : Boer War memorial, Bongate, Appleby in Westmorland by Andrew Curtis
NY6722 : Appleby Horse Fair 2007 Gypsy Caravans & Horses by slippy
NY7020 : Trees along the public footpath to Langton by Christine Johnstone
NY6918 : Working on the railway by David Brown
NY6719 : Pennines from brackenslack by Tim Leete
NY6820 : Appleby fire station by David Smith
NY6618 : Bridleway heading south-west to Long Rigg by Christine Johnstone
NY6820 : River Eden at Appleby by David Brown
NY6820 : Fixing the roof while the sun shines - January 2019 by The Carlisle Kid
NY6922 : Trees along Murton Beck by Christine Johnstone
NY7019 : The A66 near Appleby by John Lord
NY6820 : Sands Methodist Church, Appleby-in-Westmorland by John Lord
NY6621 : A66 by Chapel Wood west of Appleby by Roger Templeman
NY6820 : Appleby North Junction by Steve Daniels
NY7022 : Public footpath alongside Swine Gill, Flakebridge by Christine Johnstone
NY6822 : Benchmark on Clickham Farm by Roger Templeman
NY6718 : Hoff Beck from Bandley Bridge by Andrew Curtis
NY6920 : The railway from Penrith, at Cross Croft, Appleby by Christine Johnstone
NY7018 : Coupland Viaduct by David Brown
NY6620 : Benchmark on barn at Barrowmoor Farm by Roger Templeman
NY6820 : Shop, Bridge Street, Appleby by Humphrey Bolton
NY6819 : Appleby Castle by Simon Ledingham
NY6722 : Appleby Horse Fair 2007 Gypsy Caravans & Horses by slippy
NY6820 : Appleby Market Square by Carl Bendelow
NY6820 : 6201 Princess Elizabeth at Appleby by Ashley Dace
NY6820 : The Hospital of St Anne, Appleby in Westmorland by Andrew Curtis
NY6820 : Princess Elizabeth 6201 at Appleby Station by Simon Johnston

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