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NB9808 : Creag Ard on Tanera More, with Stac Pollaidh and Cul Mor behind by Ian Capper
NB9907 : Garadheancal, Tanera Mòr by Bob Jones
NB9807 : Meall Mòr, Tanera Mòr by Bob Jones
NB9606 : Small rock arch at Càrn Sgoilte,Tanera Beg by Ian Capper
NB9607 : Tanera Beg by Rude Health
NB9606 : Cathedral Cave Tanera Beg  - Summer Isles by PETER PLUCKNETT
NB9606 : Tanera Beg south coast by Gordon Hatton
NB9707 : Eilean Fada Mòr by Rude Health
NB9706 : Western extremity of Tannara Mòr by Toby Speight
NC0006 : Rubha Dubh - eastern tip of Tanera Mor by Andy Waddington
NB9708 : Beach, Sgeir nan Feusgan by Chris Eilbeck
NB9908 : Across the water to Tanera Mor by Gordon Hatton
NB9606 : South coast of Tanera Beg by Jim Barton
NB9908 : A very remote WC by michael hardman
NB9707 : Salmon farming amongst the Summer Isles by Gordon Hatton
NB9908 : Jetty, Tanera More by Jim Barton
NB9607 : Eastern anchorage, Tanara Beag by Dave Simpson
NB9906 : Earbuli Dhuin, Tanera Mòr by Bob Jones
NB9808 : Cairn on summit at north end of Tanera More, with Assynt hills behind by Ian Capper
NB9705 : Sgeir Revan, with Stac Pollaidh and the Assynt hills in the background by Ian Capper
NB9806 : Tanera More by Colin Smith
NB9808 : Cul na Beinge by Chris Eilbeck
NB9908 : The old Schoolhouse,Tanera Mòr by Bob Jones
NB9607 : Western bay of Tanera Beg by Rob Burke
NB9606 : MV 'Summer Queen' approaching Cathedral Cave, Tanera Beg by Jim Barton
NC0006 : Rubha Dubh, Tanera Mòr by Toby Speight
NB9607 : Sheltered anchorage by Gordon Hatton
NB9707 : Summer Isles Fish Farm by michael hardman
NB9807 : Meall Mor, Tanera More by Rude Health
NB9608 : Eilean a' Chàr Summer Isles by Peter Gamble
NB9806 : NW of Tanera Mor summit by Dave Simpson
NB9908 : Jetty, Rubh' Ard-na-goine by Chris Eilbeck
NB9608 : Seals on Rocks Eilean a' Chàr Summer Isles by Peter Gamble
NB9909 : Coastline, Polbain by Chris Eilbeck
NB9609 : Sgeir Dhubh, Summer Isles by George Brown
NB9607 : MV.Hector at Tanera Beg by Tom Richardson
NC0007 : Rubha Dubh by Chris Eilbeck
NB9708 : Islets joined at low tide by Gordon Hatton
NB9807 : Lichen on Tanera Mòr by Bob Jones
NB9908 : Summer Isles Post Office and tea room by PETER PLUCKNETT
NB9909 : Polbain Stores, Polbain by Ian S
NB9606 : Cathedral cave, Tanera Beg by Chris Eilbeck
NB9608 : Eilean a' Chàr by Rude Health
NB9708 : Looking Towards The Summit Of Eilean Fada Mòr by Rude Health
NB9807 : Tanera Mor by Malcolm Neal
NB9909 : Polbain Store by Dave Fergusson
NB9607 : Landing on Tanera Beg by Andy Waddington
NB9907 : Tanera Mòr coastline by Bob Jones
NB9908 : MV 'Summer Queen' at Tanera More by Jim Barton
NB9606 : Roof of Cathedral Cave, Tanera Beg by Jim Barton
NC0009 : Badentarbet Pier by Gordon Brown
NB9907 : The Anchorage, Tanera Mor by Chris Eilbeck

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