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SK7474 : Cottage in Askham by JThomas
SK7474 : Parish rooms, Askham by Andrew Hill
SK7475 : Sewage pumping station Town Street Askham by Steve  Fareham
SK7474 : The Duke William public house, Askham by Ian S
SK7475 : Farmland off Upton Road by JThomas
SK7575 : Rural road by roger geach
SK7474 : Old Moorgate by Richard Croft
SK7475 : The beginning of the footpath to Retford by Jonathan Thacker
SK7374 : View down the valley towards Askham, from the railway by Christopher Hilton
SK7474 : Askham postbox ref NG22 135 and telephone kiosk by Alan Murray-Rust
SK7374 : Harvested field near Askham by Robin Webster
SK7574 : Nottinghamshire Farmland by Neil Theasby
SK7375 : Church of St Nicholas, Askham by Alan Murray-Rust
SK7474 : Eastcroft Lane by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK7574 : Old Moorgate by Richard Croft
SK7475 : A bridleway down Wood Lane by Ian S
SK7575 : Roadway to Prospect Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SK7574 : Tree north of Kirke's Plantation by Neil Theasby
SK7575 : Countryside in Nottinghamshire by Neil Theasby
SK7375 : St. Nicholas Church Askam N.Notts by B Hilton
SK7374 : St Nicholas Church, Askham by Ian S
SK7474 : Parish boundary by Richard Croft
SK7575 : Retford road  by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK7474 : Church of St Nicholas, Askham by Alan Murray-Rust
SK7574 : Line of trees and field of oilseed rape by Jonathan Thacker
SK7474 : Nancy Fox Lane, Askham by Neil Theasby
SK7374 : Railway bridge over Askham Road by JThomas
SK7374 : Track north of Top Street by Andrew Hill
SK7475 : Town Street, Askham by Andrew Hill
SK7575 : Farmland off Drayton Road by JThomas
SK7374 : Orchard Hill Farm by N Chadwick
SK7474 : Nancy Fox Lane by Richard Croft
SK7574 : Nottinghamshire farmland by Kate Jewell
SK7374 : The nave, St. Nicholas, Askham looking west by Jonathan Thacker
SK7474 : Finger Post by J.Hannan-Briggs
SK7374 : Early Morning freight nr Askham Tunnel by roger geach
SK7575 : Drayton Road southeast of Upton by John Slater
SK7474 : The Duke William, Askham by JThomas
SK7474 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by Milestone Society
SK7375 : Church of St Nicholas, Askham by Alan Murray-Rust
SK7574 : Farmland between High and Low Brecks Farms by Kate Jewell
SK7374 : Telecommunications mast and access gate to East Coast Main Rail Line by Steve  Fareham
SK7474 : St Nicholas's Church, Askham by Neil Theasby
SK7574 : Old Moorgate by Richard Croft
SK7574 : Sunflowers south of Prospect Farm by Neil Theasby
SK7474 : Town Street by Richard Croft
SK7374 : Bales near Askham by N Chadwick
SK7575 : Round the bend is Upton by roger geach
SK7374 : Askham Methodist Church by Alan Murray-Rust
SK7575 : Cyclist on Retford Road by Neil Theasby
SK7374 : From the top of Askham tunnel by roger geach
SK7474 : East Coast Main Railway Line bridge by Steve  Fareham
SK7474 : Duke William by Michael Patterson
SK7374 : Church of St Nicholas, Askham by Andrew Hill
SK7374 : Railway line near Askham by John Rinder

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