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N0441 : Athlone GS&WR station by Albert Bridge
N0341 : Large church in Athlone by nick macneill
N0341 : Grenham Travel, 1-3 Connaught Street, Athlone, Co. Westmeath by P L Chadwick
N0441 : Athlone - Swan using River Shannon lock by Joseph Mischyshyn
N0441 : Athlone - River Shannon locks south of Town Bridge by Joseph Mischyshyn
N0341 : Athlone West Junction by Gareth James
N0341 : Athlone Castle by David Baird
N0542 : Athlone, County Westmeath by Sarah777
N0441 : Southern Station Road by Richard Webb
N0341 : High Street, Athlone by Jonathan Thacker
N0341 : Athlone Station by Wilson Adams
N0340 : Pasture at Bunaribba by Graham Horn
N0541 : Retail establishments on Sean Costello Street by Oliver Dixon
N0341 : Athlone, bridge over River Shannon by Christopher Hilton
N0341 : The Castle Inn, Main Street, Athlone, Co. Westmeath by P L Chadwick
N0441 : Athlone Lock by Alan Murray-Rust
N0441 : Outside the "Forgotten Lady" by Oliver Dixon
N0441 : Athlone - Westport bound train entering Athlone Railway Station by Colin Park
N0341 : Athlone-Old Canal Arm by Ian Rob
N0341 : The Left Bank Bistro,  Athlone by Brian Shaw
N0441 : Athlone Town Centre Surgery by Jonathan Thacker
N0441 : Macken Greengrocers, Mardyke Street, Athlone by nick macneill
N0441 : Athlone to Mullingar railway by Richard Webb
N0540 : Horses grazing by Ian Paterson
N0341 : The Shannon at Athlone by Alan Murray-Rust
N0341 : Athlone - Athlone Castle by Joseph Mischyshyn
N0441 : River Shannon, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland by Peter Gerken
N0542 : N55, Athlone by Richard Webb
N0441 : Down the Shannon by Jim Webster
N0341 : Thai Kim Khao by Oliver Dixon
N0441 : Apartments, Athlone town centre by Jonathan Thacker
N0341 : Athlone - Buildings to the west of the castle by Joseph Mischyshyn
N0441 : Athlone-River Shannon by Ian Rob
N0341 : Railway Bridge over the River Shannon by Wilson Adams
N0341 : Leaving Athlone station by Gareth James
N0341 : The river front and Athlone Castle by Jonathan Thacker
N0341 : Athlone - Building on west side of Castle Street by Joseph Mischyshyn
N0341 : Approaching the Shannon bridge in Athlone by Gareth James
N0441 : Athlone Station, eastward on Up platform by Ben Brooksbank
N0441 : Pedestrian area in the centre of Athlone by Jonathan Thacker
N0441 : Athlone station by Gareth James
N0441 : Sean Costello Street by Richard Webb
N0341 : River Shannon at Athlone by Oliver Dixon
N0341 : Athlone (Midland) station by Albert Bridge
N0341 : Athlone - Main St as seen from Athlone Castle by Colin Park
N0441 : Passing freight at Athlone by John Lucas
N0341 : Rail bridge in Athlone by Darrin Antrobus
N0341 : Athlone - View across R Shannon to Athlone Castle & St Peter & St Paul's Church by Colin Park
N0441 : Golden Island Shopping Centre by Oliver Dixon
N0341 : Shed at the former Athlone Midland station by Gareth James
N0341 : Ex Midland Great Western Railway Station, Athlone, Co. Roscommon, Ireland by Peter Gerken
N0341 : Main Street, Athlone, Co. Westmeath by P L Chadwick
N0341 : Passenger train at Athlone (Midland) station by The Carlisle Kid
N0341 : St Peter's & St Paul's Chapel Athlone by Wilson Adams
N0341 : Old Houses by Wilson Adams
N0341 : St Peter & Paul's church, Athlone by Mike Searle

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