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SY2999 : River Axe by N Chadwick
SY2997 : Factory shop, Axminster Carpets by Roger Cornfoot
SY2998 : River Axe Rapids by David Roberts
SY3099 : Pill Box at Weycroft by Nick Chipchase
SY3098 : Gateway, Sector Lane by Derek Harper
SY2896 : Junction on the Fosse Way by Derek Harper
ST3000 : A358 (Chard Road) bridge over railway line by David Smith
SY2798 : Peacock at Axe Valley Wildlife Park by Nigel Mykura
SY2996 : Collapse of Road on Abbey Gate Lane by Nigel Mykura
SY2898 : B3261 by Nigel Mykura
SY2998 : River Axe by Peter Holmes
SY2798 : Ashes Farm by Derek Harper
SY3098 : Outbuilding of Stoney House, Stoney Lane by Roger Templeman
SY2997 : A358 passes under the A35 by Robin Webster
SY3196 : A35 near Raymonds Hill by Roy Hughes
SY2998 : West Street shop between a bank and the post office, Axminster by Jaggery
SY2998 : Down Castle Hill, Axminster by Jaggery
ST2700 : Farmland near Yeatlands Farm by Derek Harper
SY2798 : Channel to Channel (101) by Shazz
SY3097 : Lyme Road by Derek Harper
SY2998 : Punch & Judy bakery in Axminster town centre by Jaggery
SY3098 : Failed Gabion Basket River Bank Protection by Nigel Mykura
ST2700 : Fields near Tolcis Farm by Nigel Mykura
SY2899 : Up Fourcross Hill by Peter Holmes
ST3000 : Stile and footpath, leading north from Watery Lane by Roger Cornfoot
SY2797 : Sheep by Whitford Road by Derek Harper
ST3000 : Pill box above river Axe by Nick Chipchase
SY3096 : View towards the Axe valley by Stuart Buchan
SY2897 : A35 heading east by Robin Webster
SY2999 : River Axe by Derek Harper
SY2998 : West Street public toilets, Axminster by Jaggery
ST2800 : Field and view from Membury Road by Derek Harper
SY3197 : Oaks near Sector by Derek Harper
ST2700 : Axminster: towards the Yarty valley by Martin Bodman
SY3196 : A35 near Symonds Lane by N Chadwick
ST3100 : Footpath approaching electricity transmission lines by Peter Holmes
SY2897 : Field by Abbey Lane by Derek Harper
SY2899 : Higher Uphay Farm by Roger Cornfoot
SY2998 : Axminster Crossing by Derek Harper
SY2797 : It's red! by Anthony Vosper
SY3098 : Path to Sector by Derek Harper
SY3096 : Lay-by for eastbound A35 traffic in a shallow cutting by David Smith
SY3099 : Warning signs on A358, Chard Road, north of Axminster by David Smith
SY2998 : Regent Hall blue plaque, Axminster by Jaggery
SY2799 : Orange Way in Devon and Torbay (491) by Shazz
SY2998 : Castle Inn, Castle Hill, Axminster by Jaggery
SY3099 : Weycroft Mill by Nick Chipchase
SY3196 : A35 minor road junction by Stuart Buchan
SY2896 : Track to Slymlakes Farm by Derek Harper
SY2797 : Country Brook Kilmington by Nigel Mykura
SY2998 : Axminster Railway Station by M Etherington
ST2700 : Leaping Sea Trout by Rupert Fleetingly
SY2997 : Axminster Carpets by William Bartlett
SY2898 : River Axe by Phil Williams
SY2799 : Axminster: ford at Higher Westwater by Martin Bodman
SY2998 : Public Footpath, Axminster by Peter Holmes
SY2999 : Bridge over River Axe by Derek Harper
SY2998 : Trinity House, Trinity Square, Axminster by Roger Cornfoot

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