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SK2168 : The R Wye above Bakewell by Colin Park
SK2369 : North facing slope below Handley Lane by Peter Barr
SK2369 : Track beside Moatless Plantation with view across Calton Pastures by Colin Park
SK2167 : Shutts Lane, Bakewell by Chris Morgan
SK2368 : View west from Calton Pastures by Neil Theasby
SK2168 : Bridge over River Wye at Bakewell by Colin Park
SK1968 : Pony at Dirtlow Farm by Peter Barr
SK1970 : Ashford in the Water - path north from Longstone Lane by Colin Park
SK2369 : Poor reception on Handley Lane by Trevor Rickard
SK2368 : Concessionary path through Manners Wood near Bakewell by Colin Park
SK2170 : Cattle grazing by N Chadwick
SK1969 : The Bull's Head, Church Street Ashford in the Water by Jo Turner
SK1966 : Mine / Cave, Lathkill Dale by Brian Deegan
SK2170 : Cyclists, The Monsal Trail by N Chadwick
SK2366 : Weir on River Wye near Hadon Hall by Chris Morgan
SK2067 : Footpath in a dry valley by N Chadwick
SK2168 : The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop by habiloid
SK2169 : Leucanthemum vulgare by Peter Barr
SK1969 : Ashford in The Water, Holy Trinity Church: Stained glass window by Michael Garlick
SK1969 : Sheldon Road Junction with the A6 by Alan Heardman
SK2368 : Dew Pond , Calton Pastures, Bakewell by Peter Barr
SK2066 : Looking up Lathkill Dale by Chris Morgan
SK1966 : Lane, fields, and dry stone walls by Andrew Hill
SK2168 : Bakewell Antiques and Works of Art by Peter Barr
SK2168 : The River Wye, Bakewell by habiloid
SK2366 : Haddon Hall: Topiary by Michael Garlick
SK2269 : Fields of Ballcross Farm by Andrew Abbott
SK1969 : Ashford in The Water, Holy Trinity Church: Stained glass window by Michael Garlick
SK2066 : Derelict barn near Over Haddon by Chris Morgan
SK1966 : Mandale Mine engine house, Lathkill Dale by Brian Deegan
SK2168 : The sign of The Wheatsheaf by David Lally
SK2366 : Private road into Haddon Hall by Mike Lyne
SK2066 : Main Street in Over Haddon by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK1969 : Ashford in The Water's well-fed ducks 10: Now on dry land, a feeding frenzy ensues by Michael Garlick
SK2366 : At rest by Peter Turner
SK2168 : The Cottage, Bath Street, Bakewell by Peter Barr
SK2369 : Track to Edensor by Andrew Abbott
SK1969 : Cricket ground, Ashford in the Water by Peter Barr
SK2168 : Wye Cottage and Granby Cottage, Bakewell by Andrew Abbott
SK2168 : Bakewell, All Saints Church: Early c9th Saxon cross (detail) 3 by Michael Garlick
SK2368 : A pond with no name by Malcolm Neal
SK2366 : Haddon Hall by Malcolm Neal
SK2366 : River Wye upstream from Haddon Hall by Colin Park
SK2066 : Signpost near bridge over River Lathkill, Over Haddon by Philip Cornwall
SK1969 : Ashford in The Water, Holy Trinity Church: c14th octagonal font with quatrefoil stem by Michael Garlick
SK2368 : The edge of Calton Pastures by Andrew Abbott
SK2066 : Two swans on the River Lathkill by Peter Barr
SK2170 : Toll Bar Cottage on the A6020 by Ian S
SK2066 : Path through Lathkill Dale by Colin Park
SK2168 : Bakewell, All Saints Church: c14th octagonal font with cusped arches over whole figures (detail) by Michael Garlick
SK2168 : Feeding The Ducks at Bakewell, Derbyshire. by Alan Walker
SK2168 : Bridge over the River Wye in Bakewell by Gary Barber
SK2268 : Bakewell Bridge. by Mike Fowkes
SK2168 : Into Bakewell town centre from the bridge by Andrew Hill
SK2167 : Lady Manners School, Bakewell by George Wolfe
SK2269 : Bakewell - Old Railway Station Building by Ian Slater
SK2168 : Love locks on the footbridge, Bakewell by David Smith
SK1969 : The Rookery, Ashford-in-the-Water by Jerry Evans

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