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N3122 : The N52 east of the Charleville Roundabout by Eric Jones
N3222 : Approaching the Ballard Roundabout on the N52 by Eric Jones
N3222 : Ballard Roundabout on the N52 south-west of Tullamore by Eric Jones
N3422 : Water tower by kevin higgins
N3122 : Newly rebuilt section of the wall of the Charleville Demesne by Eric Jones
N3422 : The Tullamore Bypass in the Townland of Clonminch by Eric Jones
N3222 : The Charleville Roundabout on the N52 outside Tullamore, Co Offaly by Eric Jones
N3422 : Roundabout on the Tullamore Bypass at the junction of the N52, N80, and R443 by Eric Jones
N3122 : The Charleville Demesne, Tullamore, from the N52 by Eric Jones
N3322 : New Tullamore Dew factory under construction by Eric Jones
N3322 : Cut-over forest south of the N52 by Eric Jones
N3222 : The N52 cutting through a forested area east of the Ballard roundabout by Eric Jones

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