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SD6284 : Fields near Bainsbank by David Smith
SD6582 : Barbondale by Michael Graham
SD6382 : St Bartholomew's Church, Barbon, Lych gate by Alexander P Kapp
SD6282 : Barbon Beck by Les Hull
SD6382 : Lychgate, St Bartholomew's, Barbon by Oliver Dixon
SD6582 : Barbondale waterfall by Adie Jackson
SD6382 : St Bartholomew, Barbon, Cumbria by John Salmon
SD6483 : Three Little Boys,  Ashdale Gill by Karl and Ali
SD6281 : Low Beckfoot, Milestone by Roger Templeman
SD6581 : Path from Fell Road towards Brownthwaite Moss by Roger Templeman
SD6284 : Grass Track by Alexander P Kapp
SD6281 : Bench Mark, Low Beckfoot by Maigheach-gheal
SD6382 : St Bartholomew's Church, Barbon by Alexander P Kapp
SD6482 : Jack's Fold, Barbondale (by Andy Goldsworthy) by Karl and Ali
SD6481 : Barbon Low Fell by Michael Graham
SD6582 : Road towards Dent by Les Hull
SD6482 : Barbon Beck by Les Hull
SD6283 : Pasture off Betweengates Lane by Philip Platt
SD6682 : Trail bike damage on the bridleway by Karl and Ali
SD6583 : On Castle Knott by Michael Graham
SD6581 : Sunlight and snow on Barbon Low Fell by Karl and Ali
SD6283 : Black Beck by David Dixon
SD6484 : Howegill Head by Phil Johnstone
SD6181 : Ford at Beckfoot Farm by John Walton
SD6483 : Thorn Moor by John Illingworth
SD6382 : Barbon Manor by Karl and Ali
SD6584 : Ruined stone structure on Castle Knott by Rod
SD6382 : St Bartholomew, Barbon, Cumbria - Churchyard by John Salmon
SD6582 : A View up Barbondale by Chris Heaton
SD6281 : Milestone, Low Beckfoot by Maigheach-gheal
SD6383 : Eskholme Farm by Rod
SD6183 : Track to Holme House by Philip Platt
SD6381 : Fellfoot Drove Sheepfold by Ian Taylor
SD6281 : Pastures to the North of Howerigg by Chris Heaton
SD6482 : Bridleway in Barbondale by Chris Heaton
SD6283 : Borwens by Chris Heaton
SD6181 : Cottages, Low Beckfoot by Karl and Ali
SD6582 : Blindbeck Bridge, Barbondale by Bill Harrison
SD6382 : Benchmark on St Bartholomew's Church by Roger Templeman
SD6584 : Halfway between Castle Knott & Calf Top with the weather coming in! by Keith Wright
SD6184 : Bridge over the River Lune by Ben Gamble
SD6682 : Waterfall on Aygill by Les Hull
SD6581 : Fell Road near to Hoggs Hill by Peter Wood
SD6382 : Road junction outside Barbon by Philip Platt
SD6481 : A cairn on Barbon Low Fell by Karl and Ali
SD6184 : Rigmaden Bridge by Ian Taylor
SD6281 : From a bridge in a lane near Barbon by Philip Platt
SD6282 : Bench mark on gatepost by the A683 near Barbon by Karl and Ali
SD6284 : Applegarth by Peter McDermott
SD6581 : Moorland view towards Hoggs Hills by Roger Templeman
SD6483 : Three Little Boys,  Ashdale Gill by Karl and Ali
SD6381 : Whelprigg House by John Illingworth
SD6282 : Barbon Station by Ben Brooksbank
SD6282 : Barbon Village by Simon
SD6382 : Park House, Barbon by Karl and Ali
SD6382 : The sun shines on St Bartholomew's Church at Barbon by Karl and Ali
SD6482 : Barbondale by John Illingworth

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