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SH6017 : Grwyn ar draeth Bermo - Groyne on Barmouth beach by Alan Fryer
SH6115 : Barmouth Harbour from Orielton Hall Gardens by David Bowen
SH6114 : Train approaching Loop Halt by DS Pugh
SH6017 : Plaque on Llanaber Sunday School by John Lucas
SH6115 : High St, Barmouth by David Bowen
SH6115 : Barmouth Station by Bob Abell
SH6015 : Barmouth Panorama by Ian Hughes
SH6017 : Barmouth from the hillside above Llanaber by David Bowen
SH6115 : Ynys y Brawd by David Bowen
SH6017 : Traeth Bermo - Barmouth beach by Alan Fryer
SH6317 : Glandwr Hall by Eirian Evans
SH6017 : Llanaber Sunday School by Jeff Buck
SH6215 : Coes-faen from Barmouth Bridge by Dave Croker
SH6214 : Facing you Fegla Fawr - Barmouth, Gwynedd by Martin Richard Phelan
SH6113 : Golf Halt, Fairbourne Railway by John Lucas
SH6215 : Barmouth Bridge by Phillip Perry
SH6014 : The Bar at sunset by Row17
SH6315 : View across the Mawddach estuary by Philip Halling
SH6015 : Hotel in Barmouth by Philip Halling
SH6116 : Houses on Llanaber Road by M J Richardson
SH6115 : Offices in Barmouth, Gwynedd by Peter Trimming
SH6113 : The Fairbourne Railway by John Lucas
SH6115 : Davy Jones Locker and Dinas Oleu by David Bowen
SH6016 : Barmouth Beach by Nigel Mykura
SH6214 : Off to Fegla Fawr-Mawddach Trail, Gwynedd by Martin Richard Phelan
SH6316 : Reeds and saltmarsh by M J Richardson
SH6017 : Groynes at the northern end of Barmouth beach by Eirian Evans
SH6214 : Saltmarsh at Afon Mawddach by DS Pugh
SH6214 : Footpath along the Mawddach estuary (2) by Richard Vince
SH6213 : Me and my shadow by John Lucas
SH6016 : Barmouth Beach by Ian Capper
SH6217 : Walking the lane by Jeremy Bolwell
SH6017 : Sea Wall by DS Pugh
SH6115 : Barmouth by Andy Malbon
SH5917 : Llanaber Cemetery by Alex Martin
SH6016 : Sunset from Barmouth by Deborah Martin
SH6216 : The Panorama Walk by I Love Colour
SH6115 : The back drop from the beach in Barmouth by Henry Spooner
SH6213 : View up Mawddach Estuary by liz dawson
SH6316 : Expanse of sand near Barmouth estuary, Gwynedd taken 1965 by Christine Matthews
SH6115 : Railway and Barmouth Bridge by Philip Halling
SH6314 : Gateposts by Keith Evans
SH6115 : The Royal Hotel by David Bowen
SH6216 : Panorama Road, Barmouth by Eirian Evans
SH6216 : Gateway to Arian-Fryn Coach House by Eirian Evans
SH6113 : Promenade, Fairbourne by Richard Vince
SH6016 : Cafe at the end of the prom by David Bowen
SH6115 : Houses below the cliffs in Church Street by John Firth
SH5917 : Llanaber Beach, and sea defences by Barry Hunter
SH6315 : Cattle on Salt Rock, Mawddach estuary by E Gammie
SH6215 : Barmouth bridge by E Gammie
SH6017 : Mini tsunami? by Bob Abell
SH6314 : Mawddach Crescent, Arthog by Hugh Chevallier
SH6314 : Mawddach Crescent, Arthog by Ian Warburton
SH6115 : Dry stone walls by Eirian Evans
SH6215 : Coes-Faen (Clock House on the edge of the Mawddach river, Barmouth by David Bowen
SH6215 : Barmouth railway bridge by Trevor Rickard

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