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NZ2308 : Sundial : St.Mary's Church : Barton by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2107 : A1 at Barton by Gordon Hatton
NZ2107 : Grubby little pond at Barton Quarry by Antony Dixon
NZ2506 : Farmland, Croft-on-Tees by Andrew Smith
NZ2308 : Ford at Barton, near Darlington by Oliver Dixon
NZ2107 : Roadworks near the A1 by JThomas
NZ2508 : Pasture Land by Graham Scarborough
NZ2107 : Gateway to Middleton Lodge by JThomas
NZ2308 : New Bridge School, Barton by Stanley Howe
NZ2307 : Croft to Barton road by Stanley Howe
NZ2506 : Muddy field near Home Farm by JThomas
NZ2308 : Church at Barton (view east) by Philip Barker
NZ2108 : Disused Quarry by Bob Harvey
NZ2307 : Junction for Croft by Stanley Howe
NZ2506 : Garden House in Millbank Plantation close to residences by peter robinson
NZ2308 : Barton Church by JThomas
NZ2108 : Road to Middle Caves by JThomas
NZ2507 : Richmond Road by JThomas
NZ2406 : Entrance to Murky Hill by Stanley Howe
NZ2208 : A1(M) Motorway Traffic (view south-west) by Philip Barker
NZ2307 : Grazing beside Hinkle Fox Covert by JThomas
NZ2508 : Bullmire Farm. by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2107 : Dere Street by Gordon Hatton
NZ2406 : Approach to Murky Hill entrance by Stanley Howe
NZ2208 : Farmland near J56 A1(M) by David Robinson
NZ2507 : West Lodges, Hanlaby Hall by Gordon Hatton
NZ2507 : Farmland, Croft-on-Tees by Andrew Smith
NZ2506 : South Lodges : Halnaby Hall by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2308 : Downstream Barton Beck by Stanley Howe
NZ2108 : East Road by JThomas
NZ2207 : Field entrance off Kneeton Lane by JThomas
NZ2208 : A1(M) Motorway Traffic (view north-east) by Philip Barker
NZ2506 : Track to Home Farm by Gordon Hatton
NZ2507 : Farm track and hedgerow by JThomas
NZ2308 : Farmland, Barton by Andrew Smith
NZ2208 : Sign for the Half Moon, Barton by JThomas
NZ2107 : A1(M) at Low Merrybent junction by Colin Pyle
NZ2108 : Recently Reopened Quarry, Little Hangbank by Mick Garratt
NZ2407 : Grass crop near Middleton Tyas by Maigheach-gheal
NZ2507 : Wall, Richmond Road by Maigheach-gheal
NZ2408 : Barton Grange Farm by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2508 : Farmland, Croft-on-Tees by Andrew Smith
NZ2107 : Barton Park Services by Alexander P Kapp
NZ2308 : Upstream Barton Beck by Stanley Howe
NZ2107 : Kneeton Lane  by JThomas
NZ2507 : West Lodges : Halnaby Hall by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2307 : Minor road towards Barton by JThomas
NZ2508 : Young crop field near Bullmire Farm by JThomas
NZ2506 : Farm track (bridleway) by JThomas
NZ2208 : Barton village green from the old cross by Philip Barker
NZ2208 : Village cross in Barton village, near Darlington by Oliver Dixon
NZ2308 : King William IV : Barton by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2308 : St.Cuthbert's with St. Mary's Church : Barton by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2208 : Half Moon : Barton by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2407 : Grass airstrip seen from Middleton Tyas to Croft-on-Tees road by Oliver Dixon

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