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TQ7289 : Fryerns School by Paul Francis
TQ7190 : New Holland Tractor Factory by Glyn Baker
TQ7190 : White and Blue by Glyn Baker
TQ7387 : A13, Pitsea flyover by N Chadwick
TQ7587 : Pylon by N Chadwick
TQ7189 : Dunlin Drive by Paul Francis
TQ7588 : Sadlers Farm junction improvements by terry joyce
TQ7387 : Wat Tyler Country Park by N Chadwick
TQ7387 : Pitsea Station by N Chadwick
TQ7387 : Tesco Extra, Pitsea by N Chadwick
TQ7289 : New flats, Basildon by Robin Webster
TQ7489 : Burnt Mills Hall by John Allan
TQ7587 : Farm buildings by N Chadwick
TQ7388 : Pitsea Car Park by Glyn Baker
TQ7189 : Church Road by Paul Francis
TQ7391 : Nevendon Road approaching the A127 intersection by David Howard
TQ7490 : Two new houses,  Burnt Mills Road by Alex McGregor
TQ7387 : Pitsea Station by N Chadwick
TQ7589 : Seat on Footpath 143 by Glyn Baker
TQ7289 : Broadmayne, Basildon by Robin Webster
TQ7387 : Pitsea Station by N Chadwick
TQ7587 : Church of Margaret of Antioch by N Chadwick
TQ7387 : Telecom building by N Chadwick
TQ7191 : Oak Road by Glyn Baker
TQ7391 : Access road from Borwick Lane by Alex McGregor
TQ7387 : High Rd, B1464 by N Chadwick
TQ7391 : Borwick Lane Bollards by Glyn Baker
TQ7387 : Under Pitsea flyover (Revisited) by John Myers
TQ7589 : Pound Lane Mission Church by Trevor Harris
TQ7587 : Pylon, Pitsea Marshes by N Chadwick
TQ7390 : A132, Cranes by N Chadwick
TQ7390 : St. Peter; the parish church of  old Nevendon by Robert Edwards
TQ7587 : Isolated tree by N Chadwick
TQ7288 : Barstable seen from the railway line by N Chadwick
TQ7188 : Houses, West Thorpe, Basildon by Robin Webster
TQ7190 : A1235, Basildon by N Chadwick
TQ7488 : Church Road Bridge, A13 by N Chadwick
TQ7488 : The A13 at Bowers Gifford by Trevor Harris
TQ7390 : A132, northbound by N Chadwick
TQ7387 : Pitsea Marsh by N Chadwick
TQ7387 : Gates of Wat Tyler Country Park by Robin Webster
TQ7589 : Pound Lane, North Benfleet by John Winfield
TQ7390 : ITEC offices on Burnt Mills Road by John Allan
TQ7288 : Barstable School by terry joyce
TQ7391 : Slip road off the A127 by N Chadwick
TQ7189 : Fryerns Library and Community Centre, Basildon by Robin Webster
TQ7587 : Pylon near Bowers Hall by N Chadwick
TQ7387 : Pitsea Hall Lane by N Chadwick
TQ7289 : Whitmore Way by Paul Francis
TQ7291 : A127 - turn-off for A132 by Robin Webster
TQ7190 : The Onion Water Tower, Basildon by Trevor Harris
TQ7190 : Any colour you like... by Andrew Pickess
TQ7189 : Fryerns Library, Basildon by Glyn Baker
TQ7288 : The church of 'St. Basil the Great', Vange by John Winfield
TQ7389 : Northlands Park, Basildon by John Winfield
TQ7388 : The Railway Public House, Pitsea by John Winfield
TQ7390 : Sainsbury's Superstore, Basildon by John Winfield

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