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G2828 : Diamond Coast Hotel by Mick Garratt
G2728 : Approaching Inishcrone by Mick Garratt
G2529 : Bartragh Island from Bartragh Head by Liz McCabe
G2727 : L2605 Coast Road, Scurmore by Kenneth  Allen
G2629 : Sand dunes west of Inishcrone by Liz McCabe
G2827 : Lavish dinner for two by C Michael Hogan
G2727 : Scurmore, County Sligo by Kenneth  Allen
G2828 : Endless grassland south of Inishcrone by C Michael Hogan
G2728 : Well travelled winding road to the coast by C Michael Hogan
G2727 : Ruined cottage by Mick Garratt
G2828 : Inniscrone, Co. Sligo, Roman Catholic Church by Bill Henderson
G2727 : Ruined cottage, Scurmore by Kenneth  Allen
G2626 : Peering along a stone wall lined private lane by C Michael Hogan
G2727 : Torpid cattle with the Moy Estuary mouth beyond by C Michael Hogan

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