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SD4953 : Southbound M6 from Whams Lane bridge by Robert Eva
SD4853 : Lakewood Cottages At Cragg Hall Farm by J Scott
SD4853 : Ellel Grange Church by J Scott
SD4953 : Five Lane Ends by SIMON PHILLIPS
SD4953 : River Cocker View Towards Farm by Rude Health
SD4952 : City of Lancaster : Grassy Field by Lewis Clarke
SD4853 : Lake At Cragg Hall Farm by J Scott
SD4853 : Lancaster Canal At Ellel Grange Bridge by J Scott
SD4953 : Railway embankment north of Bay Horse by Ian Taylor
SD4853 : Lancaster Canal by Michael Graham
SD4853 : Lancaster Canal near Cragg Hall by Mat Fascione
SD4853 : Upon Reflection by J Scott
SD4952 : M6 southbound near Bay Horse by Colin Pyle
SD4953 : Railway embankment by Richard Webb
SD4953 : Ford at Bay Horse by John Walton
SD4953 : Confluence of Chat Burn with the River Cocker by Karl and Ali
SD4853 : Hay Carr from the Lancaster canal by Tom Richardson
SD4952 : Bay Horse Inn, near Galgate by David Medcalf
SD4952 : Bay Horse Station (remains) by Ben Brooksbank
SD4952 : The Bay Horse Inn at Bay Horse by Stephen Armstrong
SD4853 : Cragg Hall Farm and Lancaster Canal, near Galgate by David Medcalf
SD4952 : Power line by Richard Webb
SD4853 : Church of St Mary, Ellel by Karl and Ali
SD4952 : Entrance drive to Malmo Guns, Forton by Peter Bond
SD4952 : Hollins Lane, looking southwards by Robert Eva
SD4953 : Ellel : M6 Motorway by Lewis Clarke
SD4853 : Lancaster Canal in the Autumn by John H Darch
SD4952 : Old Milestone by J Higgins
SD4853 : Lane and lone tree near Hole of Ellel by Peter Bond
SD4853 : Reflections on the Canal by Michael Graham
SD4952 : Pasture by the main West Coast rail line, Bay Horse by Karl and Ali
SD4953 : Hole of Ellel by Bob Jenkins
SD4952 : Power Looking North by Bob Jenkins
SD4853 : Narrowboat on Lancaster Canal by Tom Richardson
SD4952 : Building in the middle of a field by John Firth
SD4953 : Station House by Bob Jenkins
SD4953 : M6, Bridge at Whams Lane by David Dixon
SD4853 : Bridge 84, Lancaster Canal by Tim Glover
SD4853 : Looking west over the Lancaster Canal by Keith Wright
SD4853 : Lancaster Canal by Michael Graham
SD4952 : The West Coast main line by Ian Greig
SD4952 : The Bay Horse by Peter McDermott
SD4953 : Pylon by the M6 by N Chadwick
SD4953 : The Whams, Whams Lane by Robert Eva
SD4853 : Bridge 84, Lancaster Canal by Michael Graham
SD4953 : Powerlines by Peter McDermott
SD4853 : Church At Ellel Grange by J Scott
SD4952 : Not The Way Out by Bob Jenkins
SD4952 : Anyon Lane Bridge, M6 by N Chadwick
SD4953 : M6 Bay Horse by Andy Farrington
SD4952 : M6 Motorway at Bay Horse by David Medcalf
SD4952 : Milestone, Preston Lancaster Road, Forton by Humphrey Bolton
SD4853 : St. Mary's Chapel, Ellel Grange by Rude Health
SD4953 : Farmland Near Bay Horse by Michael Graham

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