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NY9959 : Footbridge over Reaston Burn by Clive Nicholson
NY9959 : Lane between Eastwoodhouse Fell and Plantation by Clive Nicholson
NY9860 : Footbridge across the Dipton Burn by Les Hull
NZ0061 : Country lane at Riding Lea by Bill Boaden
NY9959 : Ford on Reaston Burn by John Walton
NY9962 : The valley of the River South Tyne near Corbridge by Mike Quinn
NZ0062 : Farmland east of Farnley Oaks (4) by Mike Quinn
NY9861 : Unusual 'Mail Box' by Bill Cresswell
NY9860 : Ditch, Dipton Wood by Mick Garratt
NZ0061 : Approach to Riding Lea by Oliver Dixon
NZ0062 : Farmland north of Farnley Gate by Mike Quinn
NZ0062 : Farnley Gate by Peter McDermott
NY9962 : Footpath near Burn Brae by Clive Nicholson
NY9960 : Lodge and Entrance  to Dipton House by Bill Cresswell
NY9860 : Track in Dipton Wood by Mike Quinn
NY9962 : Lane towards Prospect Hill by JThomas
NZ0062 : (The line of) Dere Street by Mike Quinn
NZ0060 : Track (footpath) towards Red Hemmels Farm by JThomas
NY9861 : Heading south west near West Farm by JThomas
NY9959 : Eastwood House by Peter McDermott
NY9962 : No prospect yet by Bill Boaden
NZ0060 : Horse boxes by Oliver Dixon
NY9860 : Footpath through Dipton Wood by Hugh Venables
NZ0061 : Southwood Farm by Les Hull
NY9961 : Young crop field, Dipton  by JThomas
NZ0060 : Footpath in Helister's Wood west of High Plains by Mike Quinn
NY9959 : Footbridge over March Burn by Clive Nicholson
NY9861 : West Farm near Corbridge by Les Hull
NY9961 : Arable land below Dipton Cottage by Mike Quinn
NY9861 : Temperley Grange Farm Cottages by Les Hull
NZ0060 : Safety notice by Oliver Dixon
NZ0061 : Meadows and Southwood Cottage by Mike Quinn
NY9959 : Todburn Wood by Peter McDermott
NY9962 : Footpath towards Corbridge by Les Hull
NY9861 : Timber, Dipton Wood by JThomas
NZ0061 : Young wheat field above Riding Lea by Bill Boaden
NY9861 : Lane near Temperley Grange by JThomas
NZ0060 : Red Hemmels (former farm cottage) by Les Hull
NY9959 : Bridleway in Todburn Wood by Clive Nicholson
NY9961 : Arable land below Dipton Cottage (2) by Mike Quinn
NY9959 : Ford and footbridge on the Reaston Burn by Oliver Dixon
NY9959 : Lane from Healey to Dipton Foot by Oliver Dixon
NY9861 : Heading south east towards Dipton by JThomas
NZ0062 : Lane from Prospect Hill by Clive Nicholson
NY9960 : Road from Dipton Foot to Slaley by Clive Nicholson
NY9860 : The banks of Dipton Burn by Clive Nicholson
NZ0061 : Road next to Riding Lea Farm by Les Hull
NY9962 : Farmland south of Prospect Hill (2) by Mike Quinn
NZ0060 : Farmland near Red Hemmels Farm by JThomas
NZ0061 : Entrance to Shepherd's Dene by Oliver Dixon
NY9861 : Entrance to Temperley Grange House by Bill Cresswell
NZ0061 : Shepherd's Dene Retreat House by Bill Cresswell
NZ0062 : Riding Hills Farm. by Bill Cresswell
NY9960 : Ford, White Hemmels by Andrew Smith
NZ0060 : High Plains High Jumps by Ian Paterson
NZ0061 : Track towards Shepherd's Dene by Mike Quinn

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