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NZ2818 : Burtree Lane by JThomas
NZ2919 : Farmland south of Brafferton by Mike Quinn
NZ2919 : River Skerne at ketton Lodge by john durkin
NZ2818 : Telecoms aerial near to Whessoe Holme by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2917 : Bridleway entrance Glebe Road Darlington by peter robinson
NZ2919 : River Skerne towards Peartree House by john durkin
NZ2917 : The White Horse, Burtree Lane, Harrowgate Village, Darlington by P L Chadwick
NZ2917 : Pill box :  WWII by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2918 : The A167 rising to Beaumont Hill north of Darlington by peter robinson
NZ2918 : Farmland alongside the East Coast main railway line heading North by Steve  Fareham
NZ2818 : Whessoe Holme : Reservoir by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2919 : The A167 approaching Coatham Mundeville by peter robinson
NZ2919 : Farmland in the valley of the River Skerne by Mike Quinn
NZ2918 : Beaumont Hill :  A167 by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2919 : River Skerne by N Chadwick
NZ2917 : Entrance to Harrowgate Village by Alex McGregor
NZ2918 : Ploughed field and wood, Beaumont Hill by Robin Webster
NZ2919 : Railway Viaduct, East Coast Mainline by Mick Garratt
NZ2818 : Whessoe House Burtree Lane Darlington by peter robinson
NZ2919 : Southbound LNER Azuma train on the ECML north of Darlington (2) by Mike Quinn
NZ2917 : Harrowgate Hill  Club & Institute by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2917 : A167, Harrowgate Hill by Alexander P Kapp
NZ2818 : Whessoe  House by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2917 : Bridleway bridge over ECML by peter robinson
NZ2919 : Railway Bridge over River Skerne by john durkin
NZ2919 : Farmland and woodland by the River Skerne by Mike Quinn
NZ2919 : Farmland and the River Skerne by JThomas
NZ2917 : The White Horse Hotel, Harrowgate Hill by mark harrington
NZ2917 : Rough grazing near Harrowgate Village by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2818 : Whessoe Road by JThomas
NZ2918 : Farmland, Beaumont Hill by JThomas
NZ2918 : ECML bridge over bridleway to Low Beaumont Hill by peter robinson
NZ2919 : Pylon by the East Coast Main Line by N Chadwick
NZ2818 : Railway towards Bishop Auckland  by JThomas
NZ2818 : The Darlington to Bishop Auckland Railway by JThomas
NZ2917 : Whessoe House Junction by Mick Garratt
NZ2919 : Farmland north of Ketton Lane by Mike Quinn
NZ2919 : Southbound LNER Azuma train on the ECML north of Darlington by Mike Quinn
NZ2917 : Co-operative food store by JThomas
NZ2917 : North Road (A167) by JThomas
NZ2917 : Oakwood Drive off Salters Lane North, Darlington by Ian S
NZ2917 : Mistral Drive off Salters Lane North by Ian S

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