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SS8987 : On-street parking, Heol Dewi Sant, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8986 : Bridge over the railway, on the road to Bettws, off the A4063 by John Lord
SS8886 : Old rail bridge near Shwt by John Finch
SS8985 : White water in the Llynfi, Coytrahen by Jaggery
SS8986 : Grade I listed Church of St David, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8986 : Bridge Over a Single Track Railway by Guy Butler-Madden
SS8986 : Shwt Cottages by Chris Shaw
SS8987 : Heol Glannant bus stop, Bettws by Jaggery
SS9086 : Uprooted trees in the Afon Garw near Bettws by eswales
SS8985 : Playground near Coytrahen Community Centre by Jaggery
SS8986 : Village Eco Lodge Betws by Dave Parsons
SS8985 : Idyllic Location by Alan Hughes
SS8986 : Betws Christadelphian Church information board by Jaggery
SS9086 : Electricity pylon in a field near Bettws by Jaggery
SS8886 : Electricity Substation by Alan Hughes
SS8985 : House and rail bridge at Coytrahen by John Finch
SS8886 : A4063 looking south by Colin Pyle
SS9086 : Antalya and Nisa Local, Bettws Road, Bettws by Jaggery
SS9086 : Steps down to the Garw Valley Community Route near Bettws by eswales
SS8886 : Field and woodland to the north of Coytrahen by eswales
SS8986 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SS9086 : Heol y Felin, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8985 : Entrance to Coytrahen Community Centre by Jaggery
SS8886 : Ruined Building by Alan Hughes
SS8886 : Tree adjacent to Coedpentwyn by eswales
SS8985 : The Old Chapel, Coytrahen by Jaggery
SS9086 : Disused railway near Llangeinor and Bettws by eswales
SS8986 : Start of the 20 zone, Bettws Road, Bettws by Jaggery
SS9086 : Bilingual public footpath sign, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8985 : Coytrahen Stores & Post Office by Jaggery
SS8987 : Elevated pavement, Heol Dewi Sant, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8985 : West side of a railway bridge, Coytrahen by Jaggery
SS9086 : Small Christmas tree in a pot on a Bettws Road lamppost, Bettws by Jaggery
SS9086 : Heavy MachInery by Alan Hughes
SS9086 : A4064 at Llangeinor village boundary by Colin Pyle
SS8986 : Bellcote and weathervane, St David's Church, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8985 : River monitoring station, Coytrahen by Jaggery
SS8985 : Network Rail van and staff in a Coytrahen field by Jaggery
SS8986 : Commonwealth War Graves notice, Bettws by Jaggery
SS9086 : Public footpath in the south of Bettws by Jaggery
SS8987 : Pen Parcau houses in Bettws by Jaggery
SS9086 : Woodland in the lower Garw Valley by eswales
SS8986 : Bridge over Bridgend to Maesteg railway line. by Colin Pyle
SS8985 : Public footpath near a railway bridge in Coytrahen by Jaggery
SS8985 : Royal Mail van in Coytrahen by Jaggery
SS8987 : Access road to Bryn Mawr Farm, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8987 : Junction of Heol Dewi Sant and Pen Parcau, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8986 : Salvation Army donations bin, Heol Dewi Sant, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8986 : Entrance to Betws Primary School, Bettws by Jaggery
SS8985 : Kissing gate near Coytrahen by Jaggery
SS8985 : Philip Squire Community Centre, Coytrahen by Guy Butler-Madden
SS8985 : The A 4063 at Coytrahen by eswales
SS8986 : The Oddfellows, Bettws by John Lord
SS8987 : Bettws housing estate by Roger
SS8985 : The Nicholls Arms, Coytrahen by John Lord
SS8985 : Road bridge at Coytrahen by eswales

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