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NZ4423 : Sculpture in a Wildlife Park by Ian Barton
NZ4424 : Play area on Carlton Avenue green Billingham by peter robinson
NZ4825 : Country Park lake by Robert Graham
NZ4424 : Castleton Drive Billingham by peter robinson
NZ4821 : Bamlett's Wharf by Mick Garratt
NZ4821 : Sculpture at Teesaurus Park, Middlesbrough by Ian S
NZ4425 : English Hedgerow by Carol Rose
NZ4825 : Railway towards Hartlepool by JThomas
NZ4422 : Northcote Hill farmhouse is now converted to a family home by Carol Rose
NZ4725 : National Cycle route 14 by JThomas
NZ4724 : Level Crossing, Hartlepool Line by Mick Garratt
NZ4524 : Matlock Gardens  Billingham by peter robinson
NZ4825 : Seat, Cowpen Bewley Woodland Country Park by Mick Garratt
NZ4625 : The Owington Farm pub, Billingham by JThomas
NZ4624 : Low Grange Avenue, Billingham by Oliver Dixon
NZ4424 : Traffic on the A19(T)  trunk road by Philip Barker
NZ4522 : Cycleway alongside Bypass Road, Billingham by Oliver Dixon
NZ4723 : Byland Way off Greenwood Road at Billingtham by peter robinson
NZ4821 : Teesaurus Park by Mick Garratt
NZ4823 : Avecia Marlow Foods Belasis Plant by Mick Garratt
NZ4523 : Footpath by Billingham Beck by Ian Barton
NZ4722 : Cooling towers by JThomas
NZ4522 : Visitor Centre Billingham Beck Valley Country Park by peter robinson
NZ4423 : Entrance to Gravel Hole Farm by Philip Barker
NZ4623 : A make-over for 'The Forum' by Philip Barker
NZ4725 : Country lane near Cowpen Bewley by Philip Barker
NZ4721 : Haverton Hill Road by Stephen McCulloch
NZ4522 : The Salutation pub by JThomas
NZ4723 : Greenwood Road, Billingham by Alex McGregor
NZ4725 : Where cycle routes converge by Oliver Dixon
NZ4525 : The Wellington Inn, Wolviston. by marty bell
NZ4724 : The Three Horse Shoes pub catches the evening sun by Carol Rose
NZ4821 : Steel Dinosaur, Teessaurus Park by Paul Buckingham
NZ4525 : Track towards the A1185 by JThomas
NZ4524 : Wolviston Road heading north by JThomas
NZ4825 : Claxton Beck river tunnel by Philip Barker
NZ4622 : Former ICI Billingham Headquarters Office Block by Mick Garratt
NZ4623 : Tesco by Alex McGregor
NZ4821 : Bamlett's Wharf by Richard Webb
NZ4824 : Power lines near Cowpen Bewley by Pauline E
NZ4822 : Haverton Hill, looking west by Robert Graham
NZ4624 : The Lion Sports bar and grill by Oliver Dixon
NZ4725 : Crop field and power lines by JThomas
NZ4523 : Allendale Road by Stephen Armstrong
NZ4425 : Mobile Phone, A19 by wfmillar
NZ4623 : Billingham Station Footbridge by Stephen Armstrong
NZ4821 : Bowes Road off Riverside Park Road by Ian S
NZ4521 : The A139 towards Norton by JThomas
NZ4522 : St Cuthbert's Church, Billingham by Bill Henderson
NZ4425 : Boundary stone and hedgerow, Wolviston Mill Lane by JThomas
NZ4822 : The Furness Shipyard, Haverton Hill by Mick Garratt
NZ4622 : Billingham ICI Plant across back gardens, Billingham, Cleveland by Pete Chapman
NZ4621 : ICI Oil Works, Billingham, circulator house by Chris Allen
NZ4821 : FedEx UK Depot in Middlesbrough by Philip Barker
NZ4422 : The plague pit by Carol Rose
NZ4422 : Norton Duck Pond and Fountain by Ian Barton
NZ4423 : Blocked Up Tunnel Under the Stockton to Billingham Railway Line by Mick Garratt

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